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Fast Eddy – To the Stars

Album | 15/03/2024 | Spaghetty Town Records / Beluga Records / Boulevard Trash
27:10 | 8 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Garage Rock / Power Pop
Denver, CO, USA

Let’s get out of here

Aaahh yes, progress, development, science, and stuff. Isn’t it a great time to be alive? The answer may disturb you. It is Fast Eddy, the Garage Rockers who are here to tell you that we are very likely completely doomed. Their new longplayer is dedicated to a place where humankind may never get to: To the Stars. Thus, the album’s theme is the story of a species that longs for the stars while sustainably destroying its own home planet. It does sound familiar, doesn’t it?

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Have a Blackout

Fast Eddy’s take on the situation of humankind and Planet Earth is dark, sarcastic, yet soberly serious. In a world driven by chaos high speed data streams, and global health issues, they call for deceleration. Would it not be great if we pulled all the plugs and let our planet remain in darkness for a certain amount of time? A little blackout that would help us appreciate the light of the stars again? Of course, this is an overromanticised image, but it helps understand the need for silence and recovery that we all have.

Have a beer in stratosphere!

This headline is a reference to a song by Regensburg’s Alpaca Rockers Brew Berrymore, whose music the sound on To the Stars has some parallels with. The phrase also fits the idea of the album. Fast Eddy report from a planet that is pretty much lost for half an eternity and whose inhabitants may or may not be able to flee to a rather uninhabitable place instead. And if there might not be a future, at least in the present we can rock and roll, can we not? Thus, without neglecting the severity of the situation, Fast Eddy invite their listeners to some joyfuly jams. Somewhere between Giuda and Brew Berrymore, between gravity and exuberance, Fast Eddy dance the pain away. The album may not be super innovative, but it is definitely entertaining.
6/10 Mangoes

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Fast Eddy

Arj Narayan – drums, backing vocals
Micah Morris – vocals, guitar
Lisandro Gutierrez – guitar
Devon Kane – bass

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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