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Perttu Leinonen – Second Phase
Release Date: March 03, 2023
Label: Alleyfoo Records
Format: Album | Digital
Duration: 56:10 | 7 tracks
Genre: Drone / Ambient / Spoken Word / Electronic Poetry
Origin: Mäntsälä, Finland

Food for Thought

Perttu Leinonen from Southern Finland has published multiple albums and singles over the past three years in which soundscape and electronic compositions create a truly meditative and cinematic playground for the listeners‘ thoughts. Besides the recent releases you can find on the bandcamp profile, Perttu Leinonen has produced electronic music for over thirty years now. The album on hand, the seven-track release Second Phase, is not just the first release by Perttu Leinonen in the year 2023. It is futhermore an album that really comes up to its name as it defines a new phase in the work of the artist. On Second Phase, two passions of Perttu Leinonen merge, and thus the sound composer and poet presents seven ambient soundscapes which build the foundation for the words of five poets. Nevermind Electronica and Spoken Word: This is Electronic Poetry!

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A two-fold Mirror

The lyricists featured on Second Phase are Llany Arias (Mexico), Nelson Nkhata (Malawi), Blessynkure (Nigeria), Wiser Observer (Namibia), and Duniq. Their touching words tell of sdaness and happiness, loss and gain, nature and culture, hope and desolation, embracing family or questioning one’s own point of view. Thus, the listeners are provided with a lyrical mirror that allows them to dive deep into their thoughts and find answers to questions they might or might not have asked.

These words by the guest vocalists and Jarkko Sairanen alone are indeed a great base for reflection. But the fuel that drives them is what makes Second Phase so healing, salutogenetic, vitalising. Perttu Leinonen creates dark by psychedelic soundscapes made from Drone, Ambient, Glitch and Electronica on which the thoughts and messages by the five poets easily slide into the listeners‘ minds.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Perttu Leinonen

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