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Pinhdar – A Sparkle On The Dark Water

Album | 22/03/2024 | Fruits de Mer Records
47:55 | 10 tracks | Vinyl/CD/Digital
Darkwave / Trip Hop
Milan, Italy

Hardships and Shady Prospects

Max Tarenzi and Cecilia Miradoli were the founding members of Alternative Pop Rock band Nomoredolls, and they also hosted the A Night Like This festival. It is thus obvious that the two musicians have made their experience in different aspects and spheres of music. With the release of their new band Pinhdar’s eponymous EP, a new chapter began for Cecilia and Max. The transition from Rock to Trip Hop and Darkwave has emphasised the dark covibration in both, Max‚ guitar, and Cecilia’s vocals. Their second longplayer A Sparkle on The Dark Water is an album that reflects the current mood on the world and for the creatures living on it. But Pinhdar would not be Pinhdar if they did not add shiny sparks to their gloomy soundscapes; flickering lights from a parallel universe to brighten up the day.

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Dew Droplets at Dawn

A Sparkle on the Dark Water deals manifold real issues of the post-modern world. The desire for love in a world dominated by isolation, loneliness and independence is a central aspect. Humankind’s trait to bite the hand that feeds them, or to sustainably destroy their own home planet is another theme of the album. And in this dark and cold world, Pinhdar tell their stories. These are stories of love and grief, stories of hope and desolation. But as dark as its gets, Pinhdar always carry a light.

These tales are told on a thrilling soundscape that combines Electronica and dark Rock music. Elements from Post Rock or Post Punk entangle with Darkwave, Dream Pop and Trip Hop. Imagine Ashkelon’s JIVA teaming up with Argentinan Kutna Hora. In the dark passages especially, Pinhdar create sustainable and confident sounds while in the lighter parts, their sound is rather fleeting. But after all, A Sparkle On The Dark Water is a great connection between two parallel universes, a synthesis of darkness and hope.
7/10 Mangoes


Produced by Max Tarenzi
Additional production and mixing by Bruno Ellingham at Riverside Studios, Bath
Strings arrangement on Solanin by Julian Bayliss
Cover Artwork: Lake House, a painting by James Johnston
Mastered by Shawn Joseph at Optimum Mastering, Bristol
Music by Cecilia Miradoli and Max Tarenzi
Lyrics by Cecilia Miradoli

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We will dance again

Mia Schem

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