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Tsunamiz – Party Anthem

April 28, 2023Independent
Single | Digital04:43
Alternative Rock / Indie RockAmora, Portugal

Reviving Culture

Bruno Sobral, also known as Portuguese musician Tsunamiz, really comes up to his alias because, like a gigantic oceanic wave, he brings together different styles and genres and transports them to new shores. Being the honest, authochthonous and credible independent artist that he is, Tsunamiz regularly publishes self-released albums and he is a legit luminary of Portugal’s independent music scene. Currently, Bruno Sobral is promoting his upcoming album Kultur is Dead which will be released in September 2023. Here is the album’s second ex ante single Party Anthem:

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Showering in Acid Rain

Tsunamiz‚ new single is a highly trippy and shifted sonic excoursion. The Portuguese artist combines hallocinogetic Electronica and psychedelic Noise with heavy Alternative Rock and dancefloor-ready Indie Rock. And after all, Party Anthem never loses that party-suitable, thrilling catchiness which reaches from the chorus until the coda. Another extra ingredient which makes Party Anthem sound so distinctive is that unique Tsunamiz sound because no matter how much he broadens his musical horizon, Bruno Sobral never abandons his unmistakable style.

Between Dimensions

The way that Tsunamiz puts Electronica, Alternative and Indie Rock in a boiling hot melting pot to create an alloy of Psychedelic Pop fits the song’s theme very well. Party Anthem dances between hedonism and liberty, self-destruction and escapism, consciousness and sedation, joy and numbness. Reality vanishes and confidence rises and falls constantly in this picturesque piece of musical art.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Tsunamiz

Photo by José Manuel Teixeira

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