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Shættered – Wherever you are

EP | 26/06/2024 | Independent
9:55 | 4 tracks | Cassette/Digital
Hardcore / Hardcore Punk
Berlin, Germany

Band picture, Shættered standing in front of a fence

Caught in the Middle

The eponymous album by Berlin’s Shættered was featured in the second issue of the Flashlight series. Since the release of the album, one of the main reasons why Shættered and MangoWave are a great match has (unfortunately) become more important. It is the terrible global rise of antisemitism that even flourishes amidst self-declared left-wing, anti-fascist, progressive, or feminist spheres. Thus, Shættered have dedicated their new EP’s opening track to those who support the actions by Hamas, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, and their further terrorist proxies.

Killing Jews
Is not fighting for
Palestinian rights
It’s nothing but terror

Shættered in I Will Be Mad

Hier klicken, um den Inhalt von anzuzeigen

Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

The three other tracks cover the topics of liberty and anti-fascist action (Seagull Style), mourning and loss (Wherever you are), and no-fascist violence (Baseballbats and Gardengnomes). The latter one is especially important as it intensifies the situation of anti-fascists of who also stand up up against clerical and islamist fascism.

In the song, Shættered tell about growing up in the (former) German Democratic Republic, a sphere where neonazis have terrorised immigrants, political opponents, and enemies of their ideology. In the 1990s especially, the violence escalated and several pogroms showed how much power and support from the population the neonazis had.

Shættered present a short but very important EP. It combines the need for action against all kinds of fascist movements with an emotional and melancholic twist. And in the end, these contents are being served on a plate of tough Hardcore and Punk.
7/10 Mangoes


Recorded, mixed and mastered by punk & partner
Artwork by Hausmannskost
Music by shættered
Promo material by courtesy of shættered

We will dance again

Mia Schem
#PrideMonth2024 #BringThemHome

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