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A.N.J.A. – Witchmother

(Single | 17/02/2023 | Black Phillip Ltd)
Belfast-based German expat A.N.J.A. is back with a bang and a roar. Her new single ‚Witchmother‘ is a fuzz-driven and occvlt banger made from Alternative Rock and Metal. For four-and-a-half minutes, A.N.J.A. presents a sonic bonfire.
8/10 Mangoes

Niches – Gone in a Blink

(Single | 20/01/2023 | Louis Salanson)
We are living in fast moving times, and therefore depth is not what coins current interaction; instead, shallowness and superficiality define our lives. Let us encounter this phenomenon by praising Brighton’s Niches‚ powerful Indie and Alternative Rock single ‚Gone in a Blink‘. From the Post Punk opening over the banging chorus to the great twist in the bridge it is worth it.
7/10 Mangoes

The Franklys – Blind Loyalty

(Single | 13/01/2023 | Independent)
London’s The Franklys have recently released their album „Dogma“. One of the key tracks is the atmospheric and yet heavy track ‚Blind Loyalty‘. The quartet knows how to convince their listeners as they let a steamroller of crispy Garage Rock riffs plow forward while monolithic Post Rock themes create a chill and imposant background.
7/10 Mangoes

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Anfang – Honey Trudge

(Single | 13/01/2023 | The Animal Farm)
Anfang from Chicago probably practice sorcery or witchcraft when they play their instruments. For their latest single ‚Honey Trudge‘, the trio has cast a spell that merges the powers of Sabbath-like Doom and Blues Rock with modern-day Indie and Alternative Rock. The result is moving, massive and magical.
8/10 Mangoes

Paytron Saint – Mirror

(Single | 20/01/2023 | Independent)
If Coheed and Cambria had a jam session together with German Kraut and Indie Rock band Iguana, it might sound similar to Paytron Saint’s new single ‚Mirror‘. The thrilling song is about two brothers haveing a conversation while one is trying to help the other look at himself and find recovery. ‚Mirror‘ has a wide range reaching from quiet waters to spring tide.
7/10 Mangoes

Wynton Existing – Tomtom Song

(Single | 02/12/2022 | Independent)
‚Tomtom Song‘ by Nashville’s Wynton Existing is like riding a rollercoaster that might or might not be a little to dangerous for regular use. And those who ride it might or might not have had a beer and a spliff too much. So, turn up the volume, enjoy the breakneck ride through Garage and Psychedelic Rock, and do not feel too safe when the speed goes down because they might bring back that nasty riff.
9/10 Mangoes

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