Six very short reviews.

Scattered Storm – In This Dying Sun

(EP | 11/11/2022 | Blood Blast Distribution)
Quartet Scattered Storm from Texan city El Paso plays Prog Metal for the hard-shelled souls. Their second EP „In This Dying Sun“ is an elegant sword dance between brachial Death Thrash, eloquent Prog and melodic Alternative Metal. One might need more than two ears for this EP, but it is worth it.
7/10 Mangoes

Jonah Aka Jonah – Silent Spring

(Single | 28/11/2022 | Independent)
Jersey’s Jonah Aka Jonah wants to set an example against all the negativity about the world ending, crises, and bad things happening. Thus, the young artist has produced an atmospheric Synthwave dance track that tastes like a sweet cocktail at sundown. It is not forbidden to have fun these days, and neither is fighting for a better future.
4/10 Mangoes

missing scenes – chosen ghosts

(Single | 01/12/2022 | Earth in Sound)
The single ‚chosen ghosts‘ is featured on missing scenes‚ second album „pink moon/buck moon“ which was released via Earth in Sound on Midwinter 2022. For almost nine minutes nature and synthetics dance around each other. Field recordings, drones and ambient noises create a soundscape that is as electrifying, as comforting and as spooky as nature itself.
6/10 Mangoes

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Robbin and the Hoods – Be a little kind

(Single | 02/12/2022 | Big Sound Productions)
Robbin and the Hoods from Johns Creek, Georgia are fed up with all the grimness and negativity around. Even if the world was ending tomorrow, it would not hurt to ‚Be a little kind‘ to each other. This message is conveyed in an offbeat Pop Rock tune that is catchy and momentary simultaneously.
5/10 Mangoes

LeSaint – Do it all

(Single | 10/12/2022 | Independent)
Less than half a year after his debut album „Are you done?“ has been out, LeSaint is back with another single. ‚Do it all‘ contains a thrilling sinus curve of tension and relaxation without ever reaching one of the extremes. With its open ending, the trap track appears to be either lost within itself or an introduction to something bigger to come next.
5/10 Mangoes

Gedalya – Look at the World

(Single | 01/01/2023 | Gedalya Folk Rock Rabbi Records)
Gedalya, the Folk Rock Rabbi says happy new year and presents the first song of a new album that he is working on. The easy-going Country Rock tune is an embrace of he world we live in and of the forces that have created it. The catchy chorus of this easy-listening Folk song leaves the listeners with positive vibrations.
6/10 Mangoes

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