alt="Souds of New Soma - Fluxus 2071 (2023, Tonzonen) COVER"
December 01, 2023Tonzonen Records
Album | Vinyl/Digital42:11 | 10 tracks
Neo-Kraut / Berliner SchuleKrefeld, Germany

SONS, or Sounds of New Soma, have travelled through time, space and dimension for ten years now. The duo shares a love for electronic music, Krautrock and thoughts that go far beyond linear trails. With Fluxus 2071, Alex Djelassi and Dirk Raupach have not only finished their twelveth album, it is a very special release, too. Captain and navigator Alex has set the space vessel’s sails for a breathtaking intergalactic journey, while machinist and handyman Dirk provides material, fuel and security for this enterprise.

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British Boy Band Take That were absolutely right when they sang Everything Changes back 1993. The message that Sounds of New Soma convey on their twelveth longplayer is yet deeper, more complex, and definitely more psychedelic. Referring to 1960s avantgardist art movement Fluxus, the duo invites their audience on a journey through a world that is defined by change. The voyage goes into deep space, back to our home planet, towards the biggest and smallest spheres, and across dimensions. Time changes, space changes, climate changes. Via time lapses and slow motion, backward and forward, sometimes via frozen images, the audience can observe life, the universe, and everything.

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This journey is not without purpose. It shall encourage those who undertake it to understand the correlations of actions and consequences in our lives. Once the voyage is over, the travellers land back on their feet at Tannhaeuser Tor (Tannhauser Gate). Here they can decide to engage for a positive change. Ou world may not yet be doomed, we just need to start acting against its downfall collectively. Thus, the jazzy tones of the final track Tannhaeuser Tor spend hope and warmth like a clear sunrise over a frozen landscape.

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The music on Fluxus 2071 moves in gentle waves. It reaches from sedative highs crafted by Neo-Kraut and psychedelia deep into the noisy and glitchy realms of Electronica. Sounds of New Soma have hereby created a fantastic Neo-Kraut narrative for the whole mind.
8/10 Mangoes
listening recommendations: Doppeldotter, Abstraktion (dunkelblau), Tannhaeuser Tor

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