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Astral Lite – Pseudoscientist

July 07, 2023Auratopia
Album | Digital46:35 | 9 tracks
Psychedelic Rock / KrautrockNiceville, FL, USA

The Seven Year Magick

Proverbs may often be more annoying than helpful, but next time someone uses the phrase

Good Things come to Those who wait

then here is a beautiful example to prove this saying. Kaelin Boone (drums, synths, vocals), Amanda Boone (bass, vocals), and Johnie Palmer (guitars, synths, vocals) formed the band Astral Lite back in 2015. Seven years of hard work have finally ended in the Floridan trio now present to us their debut album Pseudoscientist. Instead of the seven year itch or traces of desolation after years of writing, adjusting, tuning and reording, they presented a highly confident longplayer. Even a hiatus from 2018 to 2021 could not stop the energy that can now be heard on Pseudoscientist.

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Between Oppositions

The energy that builds the foundation of Pseudoscientist is the power of duality. It is an album that brings darkness and light in context with each other and uses the energy that comes from certain opposing positions. This dichotomical impetus or binary propulsion creates targeted and deeply psychedelic themes as swift as arrows. Making the energy fields of opposing poles, Astral Lite create a hypnotising tension which then discharges in deep satisfaction.

Astral Lite whose roots are located in the realms of Post Punk, present a soundscape that combines several eras of psychedelic music. Without neglecting their Post Punk origins and its gloomy haziness, the trio from Niceville dizzily propels through the ages. A powerful vortex that brings together 70s Hard Rock with Krautrock opens wide up as it reaches towards several psychedelic revivals. The Velvet Underground meets The Black Angels, Alunah share a trip with Amon Düül, and King Buffalo dance with The Spacelords. Such a wide spectre can only be served on a great album, and Pseudoscientist is indeed a sonic monolith.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Astral Lite
Cover artwork by Citrine Sumer

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