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Nobody’s Wolf Child – Human Remains

July 07, 2023Nobody’s Records
Single | Digital04:21
Darkwave / Industrial RockLondon, England

The Wolf Comanche’s Observations

In their music, London’s Nobody’s Wolf Child tell the tales of the eponymous wolf child and of the nine wolves that wander with them. The latest single release Human Remains introduces the listeners to the character of the Wolf Comanche. On their journey, this wise and graceful creature perceives the self-destructive behaviour of the human species. Greedy, hateful, and blind for the future of their own kind, humankind disturbs the stoic and just Wolf Comanche’s ease of mind.

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A Requiem for Love

For those who hatefully and aimlessly destroy their own kind, the Wolf Comanche shows no empathy. But amidst them are those people who dream of love and truth. As dark as the human world appears, once can hardly see the tiny but shining lights of those who seek solace and peace. The Wolf Comanche commiserates these souls who strive for a better future but seem to drown in the chasms of their own species‘ behaviour. Words and tongues become weapons of mass destruction in this terrible global war.

Heavier and darker than before, Nobody’s Wolf Child present their artistic universe to the listeners. Dystopian and eschatologic soundscapes that combine the cold of Industrial with the darkness of Gothic Rock clash with the paralysing melancholia of Darkwave. This is the sound of bad omens, of a resistance doomed to fall to the army of darkness, and the sound of a wise and silent obersver who cannot interfere. Human Remains is a true gem of contemporary Darkwave and Industrial Rock.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Nobody’s Wolf Child

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