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Various Artists – Turbonegro must be destroyed

May 26,2023Independent / distributed via the bands
Album | Vinyl42:09 | 14 tracks
Death Punk / Punk Rock / Punk’n’RollGermany / Sweden / USA / Argentina

Something something legends

You can love them, hate them or try to settle somewhere between those extremes. But no matter how hard you try, you can not ignore Oslo’s Death Punk band Turbonegro. Their Ass Rock has coined a whole new section that combines Punk Rock, Rock’n’Roll, homoeroticism, hedonism, and antifascism. And thus, the time is right to celebrate the oeuvre of Turbonegro once more. As we all know, legends never die, they must be destroyed.

Fourteen honourful nods, one giant party

Turbonegro must be destroyed is a compilation that impressively shows how the band has influenced subcultural music and fashion. Fourteen tribute tracks, some of them very close to the original, others defined by a whole new approach, honour Turbonegro. Bands from several countries, predominantly from Germany, easily show that Ass Rock will never die. Thus, this compilation will be a banger on every party. From crashing Rock’n’Roll by Turbocoopers over Christmas‚ Satanic Punk to the Johnny Cash-ish Americana by Schreng Schreng & La La, here are 42 minutes of pure joy.

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