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Lethia’s Natorium – Scarecrow

March 31, 2023Independent
Single | Digital03:06
Indie Rock / Ska / Post PunkLondon, England

For the Scandalmongers

There are so many ways to not fit certain norms. Gender, style, ethnicity, taste, ability, and many other features can easily make a person a misfit. For those who are outside of the shiny, bubblegummy, one-dimensional world of the majority, this can often be very painful unless they stick together, support each others, and learn to embrace the joy of not being amongst those expendable masses. London’s Pena Hughes-John is an Indie artist who addresses those who are often left behind, not invited, or laughed at. She takes them by their hands, invites them to the beautifully various world of the misfits, but does not forget to spit venom at the scandalmongers. This is Lethia’s Natorium with their powerful anthem Scarecrow.

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Indeependent? Indied!

Lethia’s Natorium is a legit Indie project, not just in multiple but in all ways. Mastermind Pena Hughes-John gathers friends around herself to create moving and empowering music. In this song, they provide a chorus built on heavy Indie Rock riffs that culminates between powerful spoken word and Indie Rock passages and some colourful No Doubt-like Ska parts. And just like that, Lethia’s Natorium perfectly show what they want to express with their music. This is not about inventing the umpteenth version of the Indie wheel, nor about compelledly sounding more extravagant than thou. No. Lethia’s Natorium have a message to share, and they want those who have been expelled from the popular masses to embrace themselves and each other. And the song Scarecrow – an Indie Rock track as independent as it can be – is the ideal hymn for those who seek comfort not fear.
8/10 Mangoes

Picture Credit: Lethia’s Natorium

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