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The Flying Pickets – Lost Boys

Album | 30/07/1984 | 10 Records / Virgin Records
46:26 | 14 tracks | Vinyl/CD/Cassette/Digital
A cappella / Pop
London, England

Maggie’s Favourite Socialists

The Flying Pickets‚ first studio album has also been the a cappella group’s most successful release so far. And considering the fact that the band members were openly left-wing and socialist, it is indeed interesting that ultra conservative Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher liked their version of Yazoo’s Only You a lot. Band members and PM may have taken opposite positions during the miners‘ strikes in the United Kingdom and over the further course of Thatcher’s reign, but musically they somehow shared a certain love.

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From the Pubs to the Public

Lost Boys was the first The Flying Pickets studio album, and it marks a connection of the two spheres in which the vocal group lived. You can still hear their background as an a cappella band that performed in bars and pubs. The smell of freshly tapped beer and the atmosphere of dim light covibrate in each of the fourteen tracks. And yet, Lost Boys shows that The Flying Pickets push towards the realms of popular culture as they present easily accessible songs for radio shows and big stages.

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Foundation for an immortal Legacy

The Flying Pickets still exist even though the line up has changed completely since the group was formed in 1982. New albums have constantly been recorded, and The Flying Pickets still tour inside and outside of Europe because neither of these two spirits have gone extinct yet: the fight for a just future, and the love for high-class a cappella music. The first studio album Lost Boys may not have been the very beginning of this story but it set the hare running. Thus, we shall be happy to celebrate its fortieth anniversary this year.
8/10 Mangoes

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