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The Shadow Lizzards – Paradise

Album | 24/05/2024 | Tonzonen Records
37:02 | 8 tracks | Vinyl/CD/Digital
Vintage Rock / Retro Rock
Nuremberg, Germany

Behind the Gate of Eden

The eight-track album Paradise, the third album by Franconian Vintage Rock’n’Roll trio The Shadow Lizzards is a salutogenetic and healing journey which begins at Eden’s Gate. Seven impressive sonic tales (and a prelude) accompany the liberating journey. Over the course of the narrative, the protagonist finds themselves confronted with the powers of good and evil, until they finally free their soul from all darkness, and thus become ready to embrace eternity. And although the album’s concept is obviously recognisable in all song titles it does not push itself to the fore. Instead, the theme gently covibrates with the stunning soundscape.

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Terms such as nostalgia or retro often come with a bitter aftertaste when they are used by spokespeople of conservative or revisionist ideals. The Shadow Lizzards are not nostalgic because their sound is timeless. What the trio from Nuremberg has done here is to play a sound that is vastly influenced by 1960s and 70s Rock’n’Roll, but does not at all sound dusty. On the contrary, Paradise combines a homage to the legendary sounds of Prog Rock, Blues, Proto Metal, Americana, and Psychedelic Rock with a whole new paint job. The band covers a wide spectre of different motifs, and in the end presents a sound that is neither antique nor modern.
With their contagious laxity, The Shadow Lizzards enchant the listeners and spread courage and joy.
8/10 Mangoes


Produced by Philipp Fleischmann at Schwarzkopf Studios Nuremberg
Mixed by Oliver Pfeiffer at Electric Caramel Sound
Photos, typesetting, cover artwork by Nina Lassauer

Promo material by courtesy of Noisolution

Line Up

Jochen Leistner – vocals, organ, bass
Kristopher Karla – guitar, bass, banjo, backing vocals
Oliver Pfeiffer – drums, percussions

Guest musicians

Philipp Drenkard – trumpet
Katharina Schlammberger – backing vocals

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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