alt="The Margaret Hooligans - Our Museum of Failure (2023, Piety Street Publishing) COVER"Artwork by Melissa Nannen

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September 12, 2023Piety Street Publishing
Single | Digital03:51
Punk Rock
Alternative Rock
Bala Cynwyd, PA

Hooligans don’t rest

Eight weeks after the release of their third longplayer Saturday Night in Bartertown, The Margaret Hooligans are back with another single. And not only is Our Museum of Failure another great song by the Pennsylvanian duo, it also comes with the announcement of another album to come. So far, the release date for ThunderHole Rock n‘ Roll has not been revealed. But we can sure rely on Meg Cratty and Mr. Strontium to gently lead us there song by song.

Mr. Strontium and Meg Cratty standing in front of a sign reading "Gloucester Road"

Whatever happened to all the Heroes?

When The Stranglers asked for the remains of heroes that were cast in the mould as Leon Trotzky, Sancho Panza or Elmyr, they asked for a very special kind of role model: strong, smart, cis-male. It is the cool guy who does not look at explosions when walking away from them; the John Wick who can easily take out an army of villains, the (old) James Bond who always has time for a little affair while being on duty. Those heroes still play a central role in our current pop culture. But simultaneously, images of gender roles are finally changing. Young people learn to accept themselves, to be who they are, no matter what gender. At this point, we have to consider what to do with those outdated role models. Destroy them? We’re certainly not doing the right-wing „cancel culture critics“ this favour. Instead, let us exhibit them. Let us relocate them to Our Museum of Failure.

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Love Punk Rock, Hate Toxic Masculinity

Our Museum of Failure is an anthem for combatting the patriarchy. The Margaret Hooligans shake the phallic temples of the conservative hegemony and let them slump and collapse. On the rubble of those fallen towers, they arrange a huge festivity where people of all genders and origins celebrate their freedom from oppression. And how to dance at such a celebration? Well, first of all, you can dance the way you like. Secondly, pogo dancing is highly recommended because The Margaret Hooligans‚ new single is a legit Garage Punk banger. Together with background vocalist Catniss Evergreen, the Pennsylvanian duo presents a firestorm of 1980s Punk.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of The Margaret Hooligans
Cover artwork by Melissa Nannen
Meg Cratty: vocals / electric ukulele / electric guitar
Mr. Strontium: back up vocals / drums / percussion / tea pot
Catniss Evergreen: backup vocals
Produced by Mr. Strontium
Mastered by KRAMER

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