alt="Nova Doll - Denaturing (2023, Black Throne Productions/Tarantula Tapes/Doomshire Cassette Kult) COVER"Artwork by Casey Cuff

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Nova Doll – Denaturing

September 29, 2023Black Throne Productions
Tarantula Tapes
Doomshire Cassette Kult
Album | Vinyl/Cassette/Digital27:52 | 7 tracks
Doom Metal
Stoner Punk
Barrie, ON


When talking about life and death, human beings tend to refer to circular movements. We thus speak of the circle of life, the circle of seasons, and whenever something ends, it is also the beginning of something new. Cycles, spirals, circles seem to soothe our minds, and even in apocalyptic theory, almost every ending leds into a new beginning. On their first album, Ontario’s Nova Doll take a deeper look onto one aspect of these circles. The seven-track longplayer Denaturing concerns the process of dying in several ways. This is about the endings which are necessary for something new to follow.

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Doomed Desert Punks

Nova Doll mastermind Casey Cuff and her band enchant their audience with thrilling and diverse sounds. Monolithic Doom Metal riffs meet Punk Rock that kicks up the sand of heavy Desert Rock. One may draw references to Jex Thoth or Electric Citizen but also to L7 and Fu Manchu. Nova Doll are a dusty blizzard that spreads heat, chaos, destruction and recreation.

Between Sedation and Ecstasy

Denaturing is a legit all-kill-no-filler album that guarantees an uninterrupted frenzy over its (unfortunately rather short) length. Haunting echoes as in the opening track The Circle or the trippy tune California Sunshine caress the listeners‘ synpases. The title track Denaturation or the heavy Desert Rock banger Waydown on the other hand provide movement. With Light Her Up and Mabon, the doom element becomes more intense, and finally, the album climaxes with its beast of a final track Dead Before I Knew It. Nova Doll let us experience death from a whole new perspective. Here we are where adenaline kicks in, where sedation and frenzy take over.
9/10 Mangoes
listening recommendation: Waydown, Dead Before I Knew It

Promo material by courtesy of C Squared Music


Guitar and vocals: Casey Cuff
Bass: Sean Alten
Drums: Daniel Allen
Additional guitars: Kris Dzierzbicki
Recorded and mixed by Daniel Allen at The Beth Lab
Mastered by Laura DeRocchis
Produced by Daniel Allen and Casey Cuff
Cover artwork: Casey Cuff
Album layout and design: Sean Alten
All songs written by Casey Cuff and Nova Doll

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