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Tundra Music Collective – Rawk On (Single)

January 14, 2023The Good People Records
Single | Digital06:09
Afrobeat / Hip Hop / FunkMontreal, QC, Canada

Don’t stop to rawk!

It was in the year 2015 when Montreal’s Ritchie decided that he needs to become more active. Both in an artistic or musical way and also regarding social commitment, the Québécois musician felt the urge to do more, and thus Tundra Music Collective was born. The idea behind the collective is to tell stories, to raise awareness for social, political and other issues, and to spread great music. In December of 2022, the album Rawk On was released via The Good People Records. The longplayer featured many guest musicians and vocalists and it is a breathtaking presentation of how Hip Hop, Afrobeat and Funk can move body and soul. The title track has received its own lyric video in January, and although it may not be the most indicative track for the album, it is worth checking out this great tune.

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Jawcracker for Biters

Different to majority of the eponymous album, the song Rawk On is defined by a stronger focus on Hip Hop and less influence by Soul, Jazz or Afrobeat. Nevertheless, the Afrobeat impact on this tune is still immense thanks to the great works of drummer Frank Bones. Furthermore, Andre „Dede“ Desilets played the saxophones (tenor, baritone and alto) on Rawk On and all remaining instruments (Prophet 5, Rhodes Piano, clavinet, bass and guitars were played by Ritchie. Together, the three musicians create a massively grooving and dynamic funky Hip Hop sound. It is the style of Hip Hop that once made the genre big as it derived from Funk, Soul, Blues, Jazz and other related genres. You may use words such as oldschool or organic, but you can also call it original.

This groovy soundscape is the ideal playground for MCs Karma Atchykah, Jesse Maxwell and Waahli. Each of them show off their skills in representative and yet thoughtfully reflected verses. The MCs‘ voices adapt to the soundscape ideally and thus, for the audience there is no way around nodding their heads to the rhythm. Between the verses in which the rappers share their thoughts on the distribution of wealth and on being real, the funky chorus activates every bit of body and soul. You may find parallels to songs by Visionaries or early works of The Roots here. The latter reference shines through even more when the instrumental part between the second and third verse enchants the hearing.

Tundra Music Colletive hereby presents Hip Hop in its most artistic way. Intelligent and thoughtful lyrics are uttered via skillfull raps on a soundscape that is full of movement, colour and love. Afrobeat meets Rap, and this is best of two worlds.
8/10 Mangoes

Vocals have been recorded by Franky Selector at Shabby Chic Studios.
Rawk On is co-produced and mixed by Ritchie & Franky Selector.
Mastering by Ryan Morey.
Cover artwork by 16pads.
Lyric video / artwork by do:be.

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