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Trummerkind – Superstar

July 07, 2022Independent
Single | Digital02:32
Digital Post PunkExeter / Brighton, England

Noises from within the Ruins

England’s trio Trummerkind was recently introduced to the readers of MangoWave Magazine when the anti-war (or: anti Putins war, to be more precise) anthem Revolt was reviewed. Click here to read that article. Less then three weeks after Revolt was published, Oli Sturdy, Robert Silvester and Rowen Silvester already released another single. The song on hand is the 152-seconds Digital Post Punk banger Superstar. Dystopian sounds that immediately refer to a world in rubble and ruins build a sonic environment where desolation and confidence meet. Superstar is the hymn of a protagonist who is stronger and more dangerous than ever before since they have only little left to lose.

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Gaze and Power

Superstar begins with a dreamy Synthwave intro but as soon as instruments and vocals kick in, the purple and pink dreamland seems far gone. Instead, Rowen sings and shouts about a world in which people dream of being popular, about a world in which gaze and power are important pillars of society, and of a world in which those who do not fit the requirements of the authorities fall through the cracks. It is our world that is meant here, a world in which structures of patriarch and capitalist hegemonial players make the rules.

The verses of Superstar are a hypnotic and psychedelic combination of Noise, Post Punk and Alternative Rock. As the vocals intensify, the mood gradually changes from weakness to strength, and parallel to that the song’s intensity increases. Due to the repetetive patterns and the glitchy noises, the soundscape reminds of video game soundtracks. In the choruses, that strength bursts like chain-lightning, and in the end of this short but breathtaking tune, one is left with a better feeling. If you liked Revolt, you will love Superstar since it is another great Digital Post Punk song to shake off negativity to.
8/10 Mangoes

Picture by courtesy of Trummerkind

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