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February 03, 2023Independent
Single | Digital / CD03:15
Hardcore Punk / Noise RockWarrington, England

Cut it all up

In an interview, Joe Talbot from IDLES once said that he would love to cut through the apathy of the dark times we live in with the power of a two tonne machete. Josh, Em and Ro, three musicians from Northwest England and North Wales were deeply inspired by this phrase and thus, as a logical consequence they named their band after it. TWO TONNE MACHETE, the Warrington-based trio with a love for capital letters and extraordinary physical release formats was born. Their first single TRAP came on 3,5″ Floppy Disc in 7″ vinyl sleeve, and the second release BLOCKS is released on CD in a 7″ sleeve.

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Bangers only

Music-wise, TWO TONNE MACHETE provide us a vicious clash of 1980s Garage and Hardcore Punk, 1990s Noise and Alternative Rock, and that modern punk twist in the veins of Cuffs or IDLES. The band’s feminist ideals are uttered via loud and powerful blows against kyriarchic structures in all parts of society – an within the subcultural sphere, too.

BLOCKS is about being taken for granted. It is a song that deals with the frustration of loving someone while feeling like a commodity to the other persone oneself. Frustration piles up in this ambivalent interaction of selfworth, admiration and unconditional effort. From all this tension, only a mighty thunderstorm can help can bring back balance. And that is what BLOCKS is: a roaring tempest with lightning bolts that tear apart the night.
8/10 Mangoes

All picture by courtesy of TWO TONNE MACHETE

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