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Wasp Mother – Digital Pollution

EP | 19/01/2024 | Independent
9:46 | 6 tracks | Digital
Grindcore / Powerviolence
Weymouth, MA, USA

For the Like-Hungry and Doomscrollers

The EP on hand deals with social media. And you may already have assumed that Massachusetts‘ quartet Wasp Mother are not here to praise the modern way of communication. Their third EP Digital Pollution is a ten-minute approach to a parallel universe. Here, digital zombies called doomscrollers swipe through bad news while others try to boost their ego by working for clicks and likes. In a darker corner of this dystopian reality, toxicity, hate speech and desinformation are being spread. And above all, the mighty algorithm reigns while the real world outside goes down the drain.

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Turn off your Device

Wasp Mother are here to shake us until we start to focus on the world outside our devices again. Here, there are no filters, sparkles, or flying thumbs and hearts. Digital Pollution is an invitation to re-enter the real world and start to concentrate on what is important. Can Wasp Mother wake up their audience? They can indeed! Grindcore and Powerviolence fluently merge with each other, and out comes a true beast of destructive sound. The final track Pale adds a certain Doom vibe to the short EP which fits the atmosphere brilliantly. Digital Pollution is a flawless jackhammer, here to wreck house.
10/10 Mangoes

Line Up

Jenny – Vocals
Kevin – Guitar and Vocals
George – Drums
Pete – Bass


Mixed and Mastered by Erol Ulug at Bright Lights Basement in Santa Ana, CA
Recorded by Pete Walsh at Heavy Hangs Studio in Weymouth, MA

Promo material by courtesy of C Squared Music

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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