Wolf – Bleed
Release Date: September 23, 2022
Label: Independent
Format: EP | Digital
Duration: 07:44 | 4 Tracks
Genre: Rap / Metalcore / Dubstep / Crossover
Origin: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Half a decade ago, Malaysian artist Wolf began forming an unbreakable alloy of his favourite music genres. The musician from Kuala Lumpur who is well acquainted with Dubstep, Metalcore and Rap thus formed a melting pot hot as Earth’s core itself where the different styles were then merged. Being a Dubstep producer and a Metal and Metalcore vocalist, Wolf knew exactly what elements to add to this powerful mélange in order to make it so immensely durable. In 2020, the selftitled EP was a huge success among listeners of all genres, and now Wolf has provided another yummy tidbit for everyone who loves versatile, avantgardist and loud music. Here is „Bleed“!

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Brace yourselves!

The four-track EP is a teaser for Wolf’s upcoming debut album „Amalgamation“ which is expected to be released in early 2023. But it only takes a few moments in to realize that „Bleed“ is way more than just that. The EP is a destroyer of a flagship of Wolf’s sonic art which includes two of the musician’s biggest hits ‚Garbage‘ and ‚Mentality‘. Within less than eight minutes all concepts of music are being broken down and rearranged. Different to many other artists who search for their niche in which they dwell, Wolf bursts through categories and barriers like a wrecking ball. Connecting the pieces of rubble, the artist then creates his very own unique style.

Obey noone but the beat

The combination of genres Metalcore, Dubstep and Rap may occur odd at first, but Wolf easily proves how to do it. Transitions from harsh metallic Hardcore breakdowns into massive walls of Dubstep soundscapes flow smoothly like riding a highspeed roller coaster. Between the bass-loaded productions and the brachial attacks, Wolf also proves to be a beast of a rapper. Highspeed staccato double-time and shuffle rhymes shoot across the soundscape like machine gun fire while Wolf never misses the beat.

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The wolf that screamed „Are you ready?“

Wolf is inviting his audience into a dark dungeon where you can the way you want, move the way you want, be the way you want. From headbanging parts over huge bass drops, between invitations to a rough moshpit and powerful rap vocals, the EP „Bleed“ is a set of massive explosions screaming one word – freedom! With this intense genre-bending selfrepresentation Wolf shows himself free from genre boundaries and musical dogmatism.

When the final echoes of „Bleed“ are about vanish, Wolf leaves us with goosebumps, activated mind and body, and with a huge hype for the upcoming album release. This EP is a beast, and it may just be a little preparation for what is still to come in 2023.
9/10 Mangoes

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Picture Credit: Wolf

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