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Zolder Ellipsis – Il Libro Dei Tropi

Album | 21/06/2024 | Lizard Records
59:31 | 11 tracks | CD/Digital
Jazz Prog / Canterbury
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Vivid Sounds

Two-and-a-half years ago, Zolder Ellipsis released their debut album which was defined by a musical range reaching from Post Metal to Jazz and Prog. A short review of Entropy Override can be read on the old MangoWave page. In a partially new line up, the band around Tom Aldrich has now returned with a new longplayer. Like Entropy Override, the sophomore album Il Libro Dei Tropi has also been released via Lizard Records. The eleven-track release is dedicated to pictorial and metaphorical speech, to troping. And even though only three of the album tracks feature vocals, the title is a great fit for the album as it burst with vivid expression.

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Cloud Towers and Wild Dreams

Compared to Entropy Override, the new album is more compact, handier, more coherent. It still contains experimental parts and plenty of surprising twists. Yet, the musical themes are more cohesive than before. Tom Aldrich and his fellow artists smoothly slide from Jazz and Canterbury to Progressive Rock and lose no opportunity to add an outburst of eclecticism.

Zolder Ellipsis are a band which you will not find in the media libraries of your favourite streaming service. Not even on YouTube can you find their music. You can listen to their music on bandcamp or buy their CD via Lizard Records. And those who discover Zolder Ellipsis shall be rewarded with almost one hour of artistic sounds and brilliant arrangements.

Il Libro Dei Tropi is a magic album, a fantastic adventure that reminds of the endless worlds that can be reached by reading a well-written fiction novel. Zolder Ellipsis create numerous metaphorical layers via troping, they alter and refine motifs and themes, and hence created a beautiful piece of honest arts.
9/10 Mangoes


Sean Moran – guitars
Tom Aldrich – keyboards, piano, organ
Chad Langford – bass, voice
Ivo Bol – synths and samplers
Pierre Aeternus – drums
Esther Mugambi – vocals

All music composed and produced by Tom Aldrich (Stave In/ASCAP)
Texts (Lydian Riff and The Purge) by Eunsong Kim
Undertow contains excerpts from Descent into the Maelstrom by Edgar Allan Poe

Recorded 4-6 August, 2023 at Wedgeview Studios, Woerdense Verlaat (Netherlands)
Recorded and mixed by Micha de Kanter
Mastered by Peter Brussee
Art by Sam Wiehl

Promo material by courtesy of Tom Aldrich

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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