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Fresh Haircuts in a World made of Paper

Paulinchen Brennt – Mache November 10, 2023 Krakenduft Records Album | Vinyl/Digital 24:16 | 8 tracks Post Hardcore / MathcoreNoise / Screamo Leipzig / Nuremberg / SchweinfurtGermany Pooter’s Return Ten years have passed since Paulinchen Brennt were formed in Würzburg. Now in the year of their great anniversary, the trio has released their first 12“ […]

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Mango Monday Mixtape #100 | Jubilee Edition

100th Edition of the Mango Monday Mixtape! This calls for a little celebration, and thus we look back on (almost) five years of MangoWave this week. The #African Weeks will continue next week with Mango Monday Mixtape #101 | Benin Edition! Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to First of all, let […]

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New releases: March 14, 2023

Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to EgoTherapie – Raw Album | 03/03/2023 | IndependentAnti-Folk / Folk PunkNuremberg, Germany Nuremberg’s Lee has brought his deconstruction of genres to a new level. Joyfully, the Franconian artists jumps from one category to the other, leaving nothing but questions and catchy tunes. Raw dismembers and […]

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John Steam Jr. – Windshift

John Steam Jr. – WindshiftRelease Date: December 23, 2022Label: IndependentFormat: EP | CD/DigitalDuration: 12:37 | 4 tracksGenre: Americana / Folk RockOrigin: Nuremberg, Germany Introducing The Feverdreams John Steam Jr., the anti-cowboy from Central Franconia has recently been a regular guest in the category Black Elephant Sunday. Also, on the old MangoWave page, John Steam Jr. […]

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