New releases: March 14, 2023

Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to EgoTherapie – Raw Album | 03/03/2023 | IndependentAnti-Folk / Folk PunkNuremberg, Germany Nuremberg’s Lee has brought his deconstruction of genres to a new level. Joyfully, the Franconian artists jumps from one category to the other, leaving nothing but questions and catchy tunes. Raw dismembers and […]

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alt="John Steam Jr. - Windshift (2022, unsigned) COVER"

John Steam Jr. – Windshift

John Steam Jr. – WindshiftRelease Date: December 23, 2022Label: IndependentFormat: EP | CD/DigitalDuration: 12:37 | 4 tracksGenre: Americana / Folk RockOrigin: Nuremberg, Germany Introducing The Feverdreams John Steam Jr., the anti-cowboy from Central Franconia has recently been a regular guest in the category Black Elephant Sunday. Also, on the old MangoWave page, John Steam Jr. […]

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Fresh Mango: October 19, 2022

Three great new releases – Three short reviews.If available on Spotify, one song each will also be added to the MangoRotation playlist for 14 days.Further featured playlists of this post will be listed on the bottom. Neocracy – Pure Organic 33:13 | EP | 10/08/2022CD/Digital | IndependentCrossover | Hard RockEisdorf, Germany The story of Neocracy may sound similar […]

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