Mango Monday Mixtape #115 | Eswatini Edition

#African Weeks Eight Songs from Eswatini Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to Code XXIV – Nguye House / BeatsManziniSingle released via Upstairs 4th Floor on September 09, 2022 Dusty and Stones – Mooihoek for me (will never be the same) CountryManziniAlbum Mooihoek Country Fever released on December 08, 2022 Secret Souls […]

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alt="Unicorn Partisans - Dance, Fight, Glitterize (2022/2023, unsigned) COVER"

Anti-Oppressive Dancing

With their second EP Dance, Fight, Glitterize, the antifascist Techno Crust and Disco Punk Duo Unicorn Partisans continues their mission. The Unicorn Partisans are Tan-Ya (voice, also political activist and former member of Crust band Peace Enforcement) and Scheng-Fou (synthesizers, sequencers and drums, also drummer of Guts Pie Earshot). On their first EP Repression Depression, […]

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