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Have you felt sore, insecure, or unwell lately? Has the world in its entirety or by the sheer mass of its pieces been overhwelming recently? Do you need a break and healthy treatment for mind and body? Well, you have come to the right place, because this Highlight deals with the latest EP by Lisbon’s Floresta Oblíqua, a truely salutogenetic release.

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Florest Oblíqua who was also featured on the gigantic Ambient and Drone compilation Amanita Muscaria 1 presents four new tracks (five for those who buy the EP). The name Cataplasma Galáctico may refer to a paste made from extraterrestial plants that shall be applied to the skin in order to cause relaxation. And the name could not fit better, since Cataplasma Galáctico combines exactly those three elements. It is a mixture of Ambient, Electronica, and Drone that brings together cosmic energy andthe down-to-earthness of a plant’s roof. These two energies meet in the recipients‘ mind where they cure from all heaviness and negativity. This is a tenderly created soundscape, a sonic timeout that helps to escape the madness for a little while.

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