As it was mentioned last week, this is the final episode of this year’s season of Back in the Days… before the series will return under the name Backlight in February of 2024. Nevertheless, this last episode features a world premiere. Allegedly, the album Live in Tokyo by London’s Public Image Limited was the first digitally recorded live album ever. It contains ten tracks performed live at Nakano Sun Plaza on July 1 and 2, 1983. The 45 minutes of music have been put to four sides of 45-rpm records, and were published via Nippon Columbia.

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By the time, Public Image Limited played this show in Tokyo, they have released three studio albums and were actively working on the fourth one. The live recording contains three songs from their debut First Issue (Annalisa, Religion II, Low Life), one from the sophomore album Metal Box (Swan Lake), and another three songs from the third album The Flowers of Romance (Flowers of Romance, Banging the Door, Under the House). Of the remaining tracks This is not a Love Song and Bad Life have already been released as successful singles by then, and like the song Solitaire, they were featured on the fourth Public Image Limited album This is what you want… this is what you get. On streaming services, you will find the title Death Disco instead of Swan Lake. Back ground story is that Swan Lake is the title of the short version to the song Death Disco.

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Lead by ex-Sex Pistols vocalist John Lydon, Public Image Limited have hereby shown that Anti-Rock can be both, progressive and successful. After five years of searching for a recipe how to combine deconstruction, noise and rebellious sounds, the band has recorded this milestone of an album.

There are still three Wednesdays before MangoWave will hibernate for a bit.
Thus, over the next three weeks, there will be retrospective views onto the years 2023.

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