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Ari Joshua – Lights Out

April 14, 2023Music Factory Records
Single | Digital08:01
Jazz Fusion / Psychedelic BluesSeattle, WA, USA

The Beauty of the Inbetweenness

The בְּרֵאשִׁית tells of the world being created by several acts of division. Land has been divided from the skies and the ocean after light has been divided from darkness. It is not necessary to be a believer in order to understand that these very dichotomies are sources for endless fascination. Sentient beings hardly ever look for extremes but are drawn towards hybrids or overlapping forms. Thus, the overwhelming force of the sea is displayed best when the water hits soil at a shore, and the endlessness of the sky looks most gorgeous when earthen objects are part of the view. All kinds of artists – visual and other – have made use of these emphasizing effects. The night is most beautiful at the break of dawn, dusk reminds of the day’s beauty, or the reflection in a puddle can easily outdo an oceanic wave.

Nocturnal Passion

One who has mastered this stratgey in an artistic way is Seattle’s Ariel Joshua. The musician has recently released an eight-minute track of cinematic beauty. Together with top-class guest musicians Andy Hess (bass), John Kimock (drums) and Eden Ladin (keys), Ari Joshua provides a breathtaking and deeply relaxing journey through the night. In gentle waves, the quartet meanders through the layers of a nocturnal city and far beyond. From loungy Jazz to energetic Rock and Funk, from psychedelia and hallucinations to sobriety, and from between the synapses into vast space, Lights Out is a fantastic sonic odyssey.

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Aimlessly Happy

The laidback and meditative instrumental track comes with another binary opposition that is effectively played with here. Joshua and his guest musicians create the sonic narrative of an aimless stroll through the night. Yet, Lights Out is defined by a resolute and staunch movement. The music video above beautifully emphasizes the dichotomy of aimlessness and firm motion. Thereby, the quartet merges these two elements and creates a joyful and light-footed movement in which going on is the only target needed. The different passages, motifs and themes support this impression, since the leitmotif soft-footedly makes its way through the eight-minute track.

Multisensory Cinema

Lights Out is an exceptional track which activates the release of pleasure and happiness via multiple senses. And behind this pleasingly laidback tune, there stands an artist who constantly spreads love and positivity with his tunes. MangoWave Magazine is very happy that Ari Joshua let us look behind the curtains of artwork and artist a little. Thus, you can find an exclusive interview with Ari Joshua below. In the interview we talked about the releases Lights Out and Spooky, about future plans, the Music Factory, and more.
9/10 Mangoes


Ari Joshua – guitar
Eden Ladin – keys
John Kimock – drums
Andy Hess – bass
Produced by Music Factory Records
Tracking Engineer – Alex Conroy, The Bunker Studio
Overdub Engineer – Eric Eagle, Score Studio

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Hi, can you introduce yourselves to the readers first of all?
Hello, I’m Ari Joshua, a South African-born, American-raised artist. I’m focused on sharing music and creating a healthy environment for it to thrive. The music we’re discussing today features incredible players. On Spooky we have Skerik, Delvon Lamarr, & Grant Schroff, and for Lights Out we have John Kimock, Eden Ladin, and Andy Hess.

Also, please let me know more about The Music Factory. What are your aims, whom are you working with, and what vision do you connect with The Music Factory?
The Music Factory has been steadily growing for 15 years. It’s a place where I provide jobs to friends and share knowledge about our passions. Our aims are limitless, as the power of music is undeniable and has so many benefits to it, I just want to serve the music. Currently, we have a modest staff offering in-person and online lessons. We aim to impact more lives, employ more teachers, and grow the label branch to support other artists. Visit for more information.

Let us focus on your music. Is there an umbrella theme or a fictional universe that those sonic tales take place in?
I actually have a blue pring for a fictional universe that connect some of the universal laws of music and stuff. But for now I would like the listener to be able to experience each song on its own, expressing it’s own emotions and perspectives. If there is an theme it’s love.

How much of your own experience and of the world that surrounds you can we feel in your recent musical releases?
Without getting too deep the entire evolution of everything that has brought us to this moment, where I am answering these questions, and my music, and everything we are all doing is the result of not only our own experiences, but those of our unique families, and personal histories. I feel that profoundly deeply. I feel like when I express an original thought, I am a part of creation, my body may even vibrate for a second in that frequency. If it didn’t happen so frequently I would probably be ok doing other work, but it’s very real.

The two songs Lights Out and Spooky follow completely different patterns, and yet they have much in common. What message do the two songs convey? And is there a thematic connection between them?
They are both quartets, and both from my invention. They both feature world class musicians capable of each painting their own masterpieces. I suppose what both songs convey is the magic of collaboration, and joint improvisation, and joint interpretation of original works.

Only in February 2023, you released a gigantic album with Meeting of the Minds. Yet you have been restlessly releasing new singles since then. Are you already preparing for another long player?
Yes, due to my busy schedule and the abundance of music I have, I am continuously releasing singles. Once enough songs are ready from any session, there will be a longer release. Physical releases will be considered based on demand and the opportunity to support future projects.

What are your plans as an artist for 2023 and 2024?
As an artist, my plans include growing The Music Factory to impact more lives, expand our teaching capabilities, employ more teachers, and develop the label branch to support other artists. I also aim to explore ways to further monetize the arts, finding solutions to challenges along the way.

Is there a message or advice you would love to share with the readers?
Remember that there is more to this world and the universe than we currently know. Music holds the keys to many undiscovered mysteries. Let’s elevate our artists, teachers, and innovators, giving them the recognition they deserve. Pursue what brings you joy, reward those who contribute positively to the world, and acknowledge the gifts around you.

Many thanks to Ari Joshua for answering the questions and for providing pictures, content, and of course, great music!

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