13 Year Cicada – haha gravity
Release Date: September 14, 2022 (digital) / October 14, 2022 (physical)
Label: Gandula / tomatenplatten / Blaublaurecords
Format: Album | Vinyl/Tape/Digital
Duration: 33:08 | 9 tracks
Genre: Synthwave / Art Pop / Post Punk
Origin: Berlin, Germany

Three Berlin-based musicians – Zooey (keys, vocals, samples), Philip (drums, samples), Hotti (bass, samples) – have left the paths of their Jazz education young age. Together, the trio has discovered deep joy in creating sound and noises with analogue and synthetic instruments combined. Their extravagant style was first published on a longplayer when 13 Year Cicada’s debut album „Totem Tongue“ was released via Barcelona’s Gandula Records in 2017. After the sophomore full-length release „00Yes“ in 2019, 13 Year Cicada gained more attention among the avantgardist and underground scenes across Europe. They were consequently featured on Thomas Goetz‚ Berlin-based label tomatenplatten with the EP „Four Track Mind Vol 03„. Now in 2022, 13 Year Cicada are here to fulfill the trinity: the third album by the trio released on three different labels – here is „haha gravity“!

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Different to the two previous albums, „haha gravity“ is the product of long-term planning and deep exchanges of thoughts and ideas. The lockdowns have definitely had their impact on sound and content on „haha gravity“. But predominantly, 13 Year Cicada have musicked their thoughts on the current state of social and global politics here. The distribution of wealth, goods and power plays a central role on this album. Between Horse-and-Sparrow-Economics and resistance against those who horde wealth, 13 Year Cicada play their spiky and yet smooth sounds.

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The soundscapes presented on „haha gravity“ are atmospheric and yet moving, agitating and yet soothing. 13 Year Cicada merge Post Punk with R&B, let Synthwave bloom into Noise Pop, and thus create an artistic but still catchy sonic environment. Therefore, trio’s sound fits the basement club’s dancefloor as well as the street lit on fire. The upbeat track ‚Nametag‘ especially is a dynamic banger for a full body workout.

With „haha gravity“, the trio from Germany’s capital has provided us with the holistic soundtrack for the revolution. This wholesome album reaches from theory to practice, and from action to recovery.
Rating: 9/10 Mangoes

13 Year Cicada Online:

Tour Dates:
16/09/2022 – DE-Dresden – Reverbnation Fest
28/09/2022 – DE-Bamberg – Pizzini
29/09/2022 – DE-Kusel – Schalander
30/09/2022 – CH-Winterthur – Akzent Klubfestival
01/10/2022 – FR-St.-Étienne – La Guinguette de la Vieille Mule
02/10/2022 – FR-Lyon – Grrrnd Zero
03/10/2022 – ESP-Sant Feliu – Atzavera
04/10/2022 – ESP-Barcelona – Pumarejo
06/10/2022 – ESP-Gernika – Kult Parnasosa
07/10/2022 – ESP-Vic – Lo Clota
08/10/2022 – ESP-Barcelona – AM Fest
12/10/2022 – FR-Paris – La Zorba
10/11/2022 – DE-Hannover – Weltspiele Club
11/11/2022 – DE-Bremen – Tor 9
12/11/2022 – DE-Leipzig – Transcentury Update
13/11/2022 – DE-Offenbach – Hafen 2
14/11/2022 – DE-Reutlingen – Franz K.
16/11/2022 – CH-Bern – Rössli
22/11/2022 – DE-Mainz – Schon Schön
23/11/2022 – DE-Frankfurt am Main – Ono2
24/11/2022 – BE-Bruxelles – Le Brass
25/11/2022 – DE-Hamburg – Hafenklang
26/11/2022 – DE-Berlin – Schokoladen Mitte

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Picture Credit: 13 Year Cicada

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