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Aggrosoppar are the flower punks from Faroese capital Tórshavn. In the year 2020, they released a their debut album æðrasoppar which was succeeded by the EP døgurðaslang in August of 2023. Not only does the band spread the beauty of the Faroese language, they also use their tongue for eloquent rap vocals combined with funky and trippy beats. Speaking of trippy, there is a new single on which the element of trippiness is put to a whole new level. Konseptualisera Samanhald Hvørsínamillum begins with self doubts during lunch break before suddenly a deep vortex of weltschmerz and Trip Hop breaks up. The new track is an ideal flagship for the new EP Midnáttar which will be released via Tutl Records in March 2024.

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