Highest Primzahl on Mars is a relatively new band from Frankfurt am Main although the musicians have successfully gained experience in other bands and project, and thus, they are far from being new to the game. Nevertheless, here is the first the first album by the band with the bulky name. The German-English name Highest Primzahl on Mars means Highest Prime Number on Mars, and it definitely sounds like a conversation that took place under the influence of indica haze or other psychedelia. Spoiler alert: we will not find out what the highest prime number is – neither on Mars, nor elsewhere. But we are here to experience some high-class Kraut aus Space Rock.

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Escape from Moronia was released via Sunhair Music on November 23, 2023 – only days before the band played at label manager Horst Friedrich’s very own Psychedelic Network Festival in Würzburg. The five tracks on the album come with durations up to 19 minutes, and each of them invites the listeners to a stellar wonderland. Krautrock, Space Rock and some dizzy Shoegaze elements merge during a fantastic journey. Highest Primzahl on Mars are describing the Escape from Moronia on their debut album, and it might very well be that Moronia is our home planet, good ol‘ Mother Earth.

Highest Primzahl on Mars are living that the potential of genres like Psychedelic Rock is not exhausted, yet. Like four little clockworks, the musicians work on each theme, and gradually let motif run after motif until it reaches its climax. They are sticklers for details and thus paint every little spot of their sonic image in shiny colours to make them sparkle. This is masterful Space Kraut with bouyancy, heart and soul.

All pictures were taken by Raphael Lukas Genovese during 14th Psychedelic Network Festival at Cairo Würzburg on November 25, 2023

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