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Yorige & Žemyna Trinkūnaite – Sodas

April 21, 2023Independent
Album | Digital44:41 | 14 tracks
Indie Folk / Neo FolkLondon, England / Vilnius, Lithuania

Mother and Sunshine

When producer Nix Bakx and singer songwriter Aaron Fross began to make music together, it did not take long unteil they released their first EP Motina (Lithuanian: Mother). The release featured six tracks with Lithuanian lyrics. One of those songs is called Saulala (Sunshine) and it features Vilnius‘ krankles player Žemyna Trinkūnaite. With this collaboration a seed has been planted amidst fertile ground since only a year later, Žemyna Trinkūnaite and Yorige have now released a whole album. Sodas (Garden) consists of seven Lithuanian (Neo) Folk tunes and instrumental versions of these songs.

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Rich Harvest

Like a real garden, Sodas is the musical realisation of an idyll. The seven songs combine the free spirit of nature with the work of a gentle human hand that respectfully tries to tame it. But this is not the kind of garden where nature curtailed and crippled until it fits the linearity of the human mind. The gardners Aaron, Nix and Žemyna open themselves up to nature and therefore find a symbtiotic coexistence. This is how gardners and garden should interact.

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Gentle Breezes and Free Spirits

Yorige and Žemyna Trinkūnaite tell of the embrace of seasons and daytimes, of trust and sorrow, of love and wheather, of life and nature. Sodas is a beautiful journey through a gorgeously feral garden, and a fourty-minute celebration of the versatility of life. Atmospheric and cinematic Folk tunes paint colourful pictures which are then perfected by the Lithuanian lyrics.
8/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Yorige and Žemyna Trinkūnaite

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