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9 o’clock nasty – Mood is low

May 20, 2023Independent
Single | Digital02:41
Garage Rock / Punk RockLeicester England

Rediscovering Minimalism

Piloting the flagship of the New Indie movement, Ted, Pete and Sydd have recently explored various spheres. Both, musically and content-wise, 9 o’clock nasty have undertaken quite interesting journeys since the release of their sophomore longplayer By All Means Necessary. Now, summer in the Northern Hemisphere is close, and that means the Leicester-based trio will soon provide us their third album Culture War 23. To get attuned to the upcoming longplayer, here is another single. And this one shows that 9 o’clock nasty are far from being airy-fairy despite all of their musical explorations. Thus, here’s some autochthonous and nasty Garage Punk’n’Roll for you:

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Classic Buttkicking Sound

Instead of atmospheric soundscapes that build the foundation for some extravagant New Indie sound, in this song 9 o’clock nasty go back to the roots. That means, Mood is low is a classic drums-bass-guitar Rock’n’Roll track of the old fashion. And speaking of fashion: the top that Ted is wearing in the music video is just fabulous!

But back to the song: Mood is low shows that creating a banger does not always need huge arrangements. A nasty guitar riff, a dynamic beat, a catchy chorus, and Bob’s your uncle! (seriously, this idiom is weird) And last but not least, this buttkicking song carries a very relatable topic. Someone asks you ho you feel, you truthfully reply them, and suddenly they are pissed. What the flipping heck? What is wrong with having a bad day? It’s only human. Thus, let us chime in with this very honest phrase

My mood, my mood, mood is low!

8/10 Mangoes

Picture by courtesy of 9 o’clock nasty

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