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Annakye – Colours

Single | 12/04/2024 | Independent
3:54 | Digital
Alternative Rock / Modern Rock
New South Wales, Australia

It all comes at once

Sentient beings have sensitive senses. They are capable of coping with higher intensities for some time but then they either need to recover or they just stop working. Such oversaturations may be caused by chaotic cacophonies, tirades of flashes, endless phases of cold or heat, or many forms of discomfort. Our emotions are not different here. Love and affection can drown in a vortex of feelings as well, and suddenly all that is left is numbness, blank, colourless lack of emotions. It may happen with a big bang or the chaotic structure can grow slowly. The resulting sadness is the same.

Annakye’s Colours deals with this phenomenon. The band from New South Wales describes the colourful chaos of love, life and feelings in their new single. They draw a thrilling arc of suspense that begins with boppy and melodic tunes. Soon, the ride gets heavier, and Annakye dive from staggering heights into infernal depths and back. Embrace the colourful beauty of chaos by enjoying this song! Pop? Nu Metal? Punk Rock? Yes, this joint has it all, as the band intelligently combines different styles on this sonic ride.

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We will dance again

Mia Schem

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