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The Plastic Smile – The Night Before We Left

Album | 12/04/2024 | Independent
41:15 | 12 tracks | CD/Digital
Melodic Punk Rock / Skate Punk
Ludwigsburg/Stuttgart, Germany

Thirty Years and still not tired

It was 1994 when The Plastic Smile wer formed by Martin Werner, Daniel Stammler, and Dominik Stammler. Their thirtieth anniversary is being celebrated by the release of their latest longplayer The Night Before We Left, an album that unites the times as it reaches from yesterday to to tomorrow without neglecting today. Between nostalgia and melancholy, farsight and excitement, confidence and sorrow, the trio travels through time and space.

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Coming of Age // Staying Young

The Plastic Smile are from a generation of Punk Rockers who grew between skate parks and class struggle, anti-establishment and pop appeal. The 1990s and their melodic Punk Rock sounds are immortal, and yet its protagonists are growing older. This can be seen as a main theme of The Night Before We Left. Getting older, refusing to grow up, changing views and attitudes, and the discrepancy that results in the latter… It was not supposed to be easy. But The Plastic Smile spite the endless spiral of nostalgia and embitterment about modern times. Instead, they present a dozen melodic Punk Rock tracks that combine melancholia with joy. These songs tell us that tough times have always been there, and that it is always worth fighting for better times. Period.

The Night Before We Left is a collection of honest, sober, grown-up, forever-young Punk Rock.
7/10 Mangoes


Recording, mix and master by Benjamin Hölle and Timo Fielker at Jumbo Shrimp Studios

Artwork by Hannes Beer

Partypart: Planet Watson and Mainström

Promo materials by courtesy of 30 Kilo Fieber Records

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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