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Destiny’s Child – Destiny Fulfilled

Album | 16/11/2004 | Columbia Records/Sony Urban
47:52 | 11 tracks | CD/Digital
R’n’B / Pop

Reunited for now

Destiny’s Child disbanding after the success of their third album Survivor may have disappointed many, but surprised only few. Not only has the successor of Girl’s Tyme become famous around the globe, the three members also unfolded their strengths at their solo careers. But in 2004, Michelle, Kelly and Beyoncé came back together to record another album and thus harvested storms of enthusiasm. This reunion should not last for long, but it was a decent way of saying farewell to the time with the band before completely focusing on solo careers.

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Tough, emotional, honest

Destiny’s Child’s last studio album contains everything that the band has convinced their fans with over the time of their existence. Heavy Hip Hop beats meet smooth Soul samples, self-empowering lyrics go hand in hand with sweet love songs, and polyphonic choruses stick out of solo part verses. Destiny’s Child sing, chant, tell, talk, and rap. And the trio shows that they are ready to be the voice and the ear of several generations.

On their last longplayer as a trio, the three musicians are tough and empathetic, straight-forward and emotional. Destiny Fulfilled was the ideal final album of Destiny’s Child. From then one, each of the three were ready to finally reach for the stars on their own. It was definitely not their best album, but the perfect release for that very phase.
8/10 Mangoes

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