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Picture Credit: Asterous

Asterous – Animus
Release Date: October 28, 2022
Label: Independent
Format: Single | Digital
Duration: 03:30
Genre: Alternative Rock / Melodic Metal
Origin: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

The wolf appears in literature and mysticism very frequently, and thus it is no wonder that the beautiful creature is present in manifold of sayings and lingual idioms. So much grace and fascination lies in the figure of the lone wolf, and sometimes we just want to howl with the wolves. But the song on hand is about a completely different kind of wolf. It is the wolf in sheep’s clothing that Vancouver-based duo Asterous deals with in their latest single release ‚Animus‘. Thus, Asterous refer to people who say one thing but do the other, and who will never hesitate to stab you in the back if it is for their own purpose. Here is to the revealing of the true beast:

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An infernal prism

Asterous present a multi-layered sonic rainbow that covers the complete pallete of dark and gloomy colours. In the beginning, the smooth synthie sounds paint the song’s background with silken Gothic Rock and Melodic Metal motifs. The Goth theme moves to the driving guitar riffs while the stunning vocals by Rummy Kandola self-confidently move to the front of the soundscape as the words gracefully dance through the musical environment. Darkness increases as Asterous let their song become heavier and heavier with every new cadence. While a Selim Lemouchi-like Heavy Rock riff comes in, the sonic hostility unfolds further and further. When Rummy Kandolas voice gets backed by Don Beaudoins deep growls, every wolf in sheep’s clothing will have realized that Asterous are not to play with. The duo may have appeared fragile in the beginning of their new song, but the further their sonic spiral ‚Animus‘ went on, the stronger they get. It feels like they have tricked the tricksters, set a trap for a backstabber and now drag them down into a deep vortex.

‚Animus‘ ends with a hidden message, and you are all invited to listen again and discover it. Asterous have brought us a powerful single that combines heavy metallic and industrial sounds with bittersweet bouyant tunes. This song is like a sonic Venus Flytrap: seductive, captivating, and hostile. 8/10 Mangoes

Asterous are:
Rummy Kandola (songwriting, vocals, keayboards, synthesizers)
Don Beaudoin (backing vocals, guitars, bass)

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