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Tritonic – Algae Bloom

Picture Credit: Phil Shelly

11:19 | EP | 10/09/2022
Digital | Independent
Hardcore Punk / Art Rock / Experimental
London, England

Tritonic are a band that is too punk to be labelled under the category Punk Rock. But on the other hand, their music is so punk that most languages lack opportunities to categorize them. Thus, by using terms as Hardcore Punk, Art Rock, Experimental, Fugazi-ish, or Next Level Post-Genre Pop, at least a certain set of perimetres is given. Recently, Victoria Bernard (trombone and vocals), Jonathan Oh (guitars and vocals), Ben Smithers (bass and vocals), Rob Channon (drums and percussions), and Peter Jewkes (guitars, synthesizers and vocals) have released a new EP called „Algae Bloom“. In less than a dozen minutes, the band from London uses deconstruction and collaging of the rubble to spread their artistic and political manifesto.

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Imagine Those Fucking Snowflakes meeting Gay For Johnny Depp at an airport bar, getting drunk together, trying to count how many Prime Ministers succesfully screwed up since David Cameron had a stupid idea, and finally boarding the wrong flight. The result may sound exactly the same – or completely different – as Tritonic’s „Algae Bloom“. From Noise Pop to Hardcore, from Protest Folk to Mathcore, and from radio-ready melodies to sounds to scare away your uptight neighbours, Tritonic have got what you need. And what you need is independent sound, unions, and the grace of Jupiter. It sure does take a bit to get used to Tritonic’s music, but this artistically demanding and politically stable EP deserves 7/10 Mangoes.

Zadar feat. Isa Nielsen – Halos on the Moon

Picture Credit: Mirko Dellamonic

04:02 | Single | 02/09/2022
Digital | Elite Records
Gothic Rock / Post Punk
Philadelphia, PA, USA

In the first year of the coronacene, on December 16th 2020, Zadar from Pennsylvania was featured on the old MangoWave page when their single ‚The Upstairs Room‘ was mentioned in the Discoveries of the Week. It is thus beautiful that the one-person band from the United States now has another feature on MangoWave, and this time it is a very special release by Antonio G. Not only does ‚Halos on the Moon‘ take the listeners on a dark trip to the realms where hurt and healing meet. The thrilling song also features vocalist Isa Nielsen – a rising star in the world of rock and metal.

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‚Halos on the Moon‘ deals with loss and regret, and about coming to terms with it. The song describes a hurtful but accepting look back onto mistakes that have been made and the consequences that came after them. It is simultaneously a look forward onto the path that still lies in front of the protagonist, for a broken heart can heal, and life has to go on. This deeply melancholic and yet empowering message in packed in the most fitting soundscapes as Zadar let Post Punk and Gothic Rock embrace each other, and create a thrilling sonic environment thereby. The most outstanding features of this brilliant track are the sweet sounds of the acoustic guitar and the impressive voice of Isa Nielsen. Fans of early Sisters of Mercy, Kutna Hora or She Past Away will not regret having this stunning tune in their hot rotation playlists. 8/10 Mangoes

Naga Brujo – Black Magick

Picture Credit: John Rosales

05:10 | Single | 29/10/2022
Digital | Independent
Punk’n’Roll / Hard Rock
Austin, TX, USA

In September 2022, Texan Punk and Roll quartet Naga Brujo presented their heavily banging single ‚Sick Sad World‘. Now, with the impact of the most recent song ‚Black Magick‘, half of the upcoming EP „Canceled“ has been revealed. The full EP will be out on January 06, 2023. Thus, so far we do not only have two amazing songs raising the anticipation of the Queer Punk’n’Rollers‘ next big release, but we also have a new song for the Halloween weekend. While Naga Brujo are prepapring for the celebrations of their ten-anniversairy, their fans can dance and mosh through crypts and dungeons to ‚Black Magick‘.

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It may not be the biggest surprise that a song called ‚Black Magick‘ comes with a strong occult vibration and a gloomy mood. Driven by heavy fuzz, a riff rolling like a monster truck’s wheel and backing vocals that make your blood freeze, the horror atmosphere is perfect. In its first part, ‚Black Magick‘ provides the listeners with deeply enchanting psychedelia and sonic occultism until Naga Brujo add a powerful Black Sabbath moment. This tense Doom Rock passage builds up a lot of energy which then of course needs to be discharged. Closure is provided in the final part of the song, a raging thunderstorm of Black Magickal Punk Rock. 8/10 Mangoes

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