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The Margaret Hooligans – What Kind of Donut are you?

June 02, 2023Piety Street Publishing
Single | Digital04:53
Garage Rock / Alternative RockBala Cynwyd, PA, USA

What’s your Flavour?

This may sound hard to believe, but there was a time when Facebook was about much more than hate comments from baby boomers and scammers from The Gambia. Long before Instagram and TikTok took over the (Western) social media market, people actually met on Facebook, chatted and played games like Farmville. But there was another hype: personality test. Here, you simply had to feed the neoliberal machinery with some data, and in the end it told you that if you were a colour, you would be ochre. The question What kind of donut are you? might very likely be the title of one of those tests, but there are myriads of other occasions in which that very question could be asked. Everyone who has ever attended a casting for a shared flat will know.

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Diversity is a Pastry Shop

People are like donuts. They come in all sorts of shapes, tastes, colours,… Some are plain but solid, others are sweet and colourful on the outside but filled with rancid mustard, and others look flawed but come with a heartwarming taste. Life is random, people are diverse, and so are donuts.

If the upcoming album Saturday Night in Bartertown by The Margaret Hooligans was a donut, it would be a fireworks that tickles your taste buds. The latest example for this assumption is the single What kind of donut are you?, a five-minute Garage Rock anthem for the epicures. Stoic percussions, hymnic chants, and grinding guitar riffs please both, palate and stomach.
8/10 Mangoes

Picture by courtesy of The Margaret Hooligans.
What kind of donut are you? was recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing,
mixed and mastered by Jon Huxtable of Smallfish Recordings,
and produced by Mr. Strontium.

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