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Cindy-Louise – 9-2-5

January 20, 2023
Single | Digital
Blues Rock / Indie Rock

Breukelen, Netherlands


For some readers the sources of inspiration for Cindy-Louise’s new single 9-2-5 might be obvious, but let us assure we are all on the same track here. South African-born singer and songwriter reflected on her life working a classic nine-to-five job in her new home of choice in the Netherlands. As it may be the case with most creative minds that are stuck in the nine-to-five hamster wheel, Cindy-Louise frequently asked herself „What am I doing here?“. Since the musician loved to sing Dolly Parton’s 9 to 5 when on duty, she decided to take this great tune for inspiration and create her own labour day anthem. Cindy-Louise’s 9-2-5 was released 43 years after Dolly Parton’s song, and it was out one day after the legendary artist’s 77th birthday.

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Live for the Weekend, work for the Bills

The lyrics of 9-2-5 are pretty selfexplanatory, and their denounciation of the predicament between hating your job and having bills to pay is super obvious. Cindy-Louise easily traceable lets us experience the senseless everyday in late capitalist society.

It is yet en empowering sound that the Breukelen-based artist uses here. Hip-moving Blues and Rock’n’Roll define the verses that gradually increase in tension until they explode into the catchy Indie Rock chorus. Guitars, bass, piano and drums are fused together, and they build a colourful playground for Cindy-Louise’s vocals to unfold freely. Similar to Ana Popović but with more tendency towards Indie Rock, Cindy-Louise dances over the first two verses and choruses until the thrilling bridge brings the emancipating twist of this great anthem.
9/10 Mangoes

9-2-5 was written, produced and sung by Cindy-Louise
Additional instrumentation, production, mix and master by Arthur Pingrey
Sound engineering by Still Sound
Recorded at Hal5Studio
Cover Artwork by Jimmy on the Run

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