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Grips und Schaden – Motzen Trotzdem

Album | 18/04/2024 | Tanz auf Ruinen Records
37:19 | 13 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Acoustic Punk / Craft Punk
Berlin, Germany

Original Release: 25/05/2022 | Ab Dafür! Records
46:37 | 15 tracks | Digital

A Celebration to dare the Darkness

In these testing times, we are not always comfortable when it comes to celebrating. And yet, it may be the right thing to dance and revel from time to time, so the darkness does not bring us down. And in April 2024, we can celebrate ten years of Tanz auf Ruinen Records. That means a decade of honest, handcrafted antifascist music. The release which accompanies this anniversary is the re-release of Grips und Schaden’s Motzen Trotzdem. On thirteen tracks, the band empowers their listeners to look out for each other, to raise their voices against the new rise of fascism, and to not forget to keep the fire burning.

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Savvy and Damage

Motzen Trotzdem (German: Nevertheless Grouching) is an album that dances between the extremes. Where there is cold, there needs to be warmth and empathy. When darkness defines the new era, someone needs to fan the flame of love and resistance. The best way to work against disunion and division is company and solidarity. And thus, Grips und Schaden are here to light the beacon that illuminates the night, and to help us open our arms and hearts for each other. With a sober perspective, they address the coarsening of modern society. Simultaneously, they spend the warmth that is helpful to let empathy grow.

Say Their Names!

Gökhan Gültekin
Sedat Gürbüz
Said Nesar Hashemi
Mercedes Kierpacz
Hamza Kurtović
Vili Viorel Păun
Fatih Saraçoğlu
Ferhat Unvar
Kaloyan Velkov
Gabriele Rathjen

Hanau Terror Attack of February 19, 2020

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Craftwork and Pogo

The tools and means which Grips und Schaden have used on Motzen Trotzdem are manifold. Violin, double bass, a drumkit, and accordeon meet passion, love, Punk Rock spirit, and the sturdy will to not let this world go to crack and ruin. This is Punk Rock for the streets, for the trains, the trailer parks, the bonfires, and for every place that needs warmth and light. For almost 40 minutes, the band creates a sphere where we can dance, dream, and be the way we want to be. And when the needle has left the vinyl record, we can forge plans to make the dreams come true.
9/10 Mangoes


Recording: David Beuchel
Mastering: Henning Riez

Promo materials by courtesy of Tanz auf Ruinen Records

We will dance again

Mia Schem

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