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Dexter Dine – Intertidal

January 31, 2023
Single | Digital
Experimental / Electronica

Globe Room
Brooklyn, NY, USA

Between the Tides

The output of albums by Brooklyn’s experimental music creater Dexter Dine over the last five years is sheer amazing. Not only during times of pandemic, lockdowns or restrictions, but in general, six full-length releases and the Collection have been out under Dexter Dine’s name since 2019. Apart from restlessly producing soundscapes under his own name, the artist from New York has written scores for dance pieces and films. His latest album, the eight-track piece Flood, is a sonic narrative of torrential character, and a massive step up for the artist.

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The song Intertidal, the album’s third track is a beautiful example for Dexter Dine’s progression displayed on Flood. On a full-length release with a deluge as its main theme, Intertidal stands out like a solid rock, a safe island amidst strong swell, or a bright ray of sunlight that breaks through dark skies.

Intertidal starts as a collage of heavy elements made from saxophone and drums. What begins like a landslide of sound collages tumbling down a hill becomes a solid union, and thus Dexter Dine makes the audience feel like standing on a strong foundation quickly by shifting and re-arranging the elements of this theme. Ethereal and gentle vocals accompany this movement until the synthesizer takes the lead and turns Intertidal into a liberated airborne dance. Before the track ends, the original theme is being brought back so the listeners can land safely. Intertidal is a beautiful tune for finding one’s balance and for finding calm even though storms are blowing outside.
7/10 Mangoes

Press picture by courtesy of Dexter Dine

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