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Japanese Jesus – Tension

March 10, 2023
Single | Digital
Hardcore Post Punk

Blowtorch Records
Limerick, Ireland

Noise Treatment

Denny Dunworth (drums) and Bertie Kelly (vocals, guitars, bass), also known as Japanese Jesus from Irish County Limerick have announced their new EP Depression Breakfast to be released later in 2023 via Blowtorch Records. As a first appetizer, the two former Supermodel Twins members have published the EP’s first ex ante single Tension on Friday, 10 March 2023 via Blowtorch Records. Their previous single Bus Weirdo which trumped with a powerful mix of Punk and Post Punk has been featured on Mango Monday Mixtape #049, and with their new song, Japanese Jesus take their style to the next level.

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Psychedelic Acceleration

Tension can be experienced like a savage rollercoaster ride. Feedback and the introductory riff depict the carts‘ way to the top of the ride, and after thirty exciting but harmless seconds, the guiding rail ends. Like heavy heartbeats or moments of shock the first rapid descent is set off. Followingly, Japanese Jesus take up speed and lead the sonic ride through hairpin curves and breathtaking hill-and-dale passages. When Bertie sings

I’ve got picture, no sound – silent treatment

for the second time and Denny underlines the words with brachial drumming, it appears as if the hellish joyride was over. But behind the falsetto vocals of the following part something beautiful happens. Slightly and almost secretly, the drums gain momentum again. It feels like the vehicle should actually go straight ahead, but instead it was directed to another track – and this one is leading steeply downhill. Thus, the great finale, a highspeed race of psychedelic Hardcore Post Punk ends the track.

From the gloomy Post Punk opening over the dynamic Garage Rock passage to the final Hardcore escalation, Japanese JesusTension is a highly explosive track.
9/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Japanese Jesus

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