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May 02, 202320 different indie labels worldwide
Album | Vinyl/CD/Tape/Digital30:41 | tracks
Punk Rock / Skate PunkNijmegen, Netherlands

Nevermind DIY, this is DIT

With their new album being released via 20 different indie labels across the world, Nijmegen’s Antillectual point the way for community, companionship and cooperation within the subcultural spheres. Instead of going either the easy way and releasing via one big label, or doing the whole publication themselves, Antillectual have Together distributed the decentral way.

Hence, the album is available via small labels such as Lensen Industries, Keep it a Secret, Dr. Skap, SBÄM, Cruise, Redfield or Fond of Life. Many of them are being managed and organised by just one person or small groups who invest tons of passion and time in keeping the subcultural scene alive. And because of that, the title of the album could not have been chosen better – Together is an album for, about and by people who work together to make our grey world a bit more colourful.

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For People, not for Profit

The trio from the Netherlands thus supports companionship and community (Together) while pulling those to pieces who screw up lives for their own financial good (The Invisible Hand meets the Visible Fist). In Action Reaction, the tinderboxes of current political discussions is addressed, while the band celebrates unity in their anthem for being on tout From City to City. And as wherever you go to, you meet fantastic people, you will easily find arguments against racism and prejudism everywhere (Othering). The song Heads you win, Tails we lose deals with the financial crisis of 2008, just like the second track The Invisible Hand meets the Visible Fist, but this one is predominantly about the political consequences we see nowadays.

Behind all those political and social issues, we sometimes seem to forget that our home planet is burning, and thus Antillectual address the catastrophic stadium that global warming is at (Fever), and then immediately jump from a global scale to the call to support your locals artists and musicians (Support Bands). If you’re not outraged is a song dedicated to Heather Heyers who got killed during an anti-fascist rally in Charlottesville in 2017. And after this important message to those who reain silent, Antillectual wrap the album up with another call for unity and cooperation (Helping Hands).

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You are not alone

The message of the album is loud and clear. We have the power to overcome these dark times. We can still save this planet. And we can make fascists, sexists, neoliberals, and other oppressors afraid again. Antillectual point the way, and they reach out their hands to everyone who is willing to join.

The mix of emotional Melodic Hardcore, dynamic Skate Punk and rough Punk Rock is of course far from the reinvention the wheel. Nevertheless, Together is an album without fillers, a collection of hymns for a better future. Antillectual provide one of the most sympathetic and catchy Punk Rock albums of the current year, even though it may not be the greatest one. And if you have ever had the chance to see this trio live, you will know why supporting them is so much fun.
7/10 Mangoes

Cover artwork by Thomas at Darkroast | Picture by courtesy of Rookie Records
Antillectual are Willem (vocals and guitar), Riekus (drums and vocals), and Ben (bass and vocals)

Tour Dates
May 13 – Limewood Festival, GER-Limburg-Lindenholzhausen
May 27 – Plu Pub, NL-Nijmegen (w/ Two Star Review and Sjonnie en hat Talent)
June 01 – Acu, NL-Utrecht (w/ Haard vor Weinig)
June 02 – Drink Drink, BE-Bruxelles (w/ Black Sheep, The Pigeons, and Happening Leek/No More Leek)
June 03 – Vortex, GER-Siegen (w/ Borgzinner and Fubahema)
June 17 – Heng Loose Fest, NL-Hengelo
August 9 – Punk Rock Holiday, SLO-Tolmin
October 05 – AJZ Bahndamm, GER Bahndamm (w/ Mercy Music)
December 29 – Friends First Fest, NL-Nijmegen

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