alt="Don Afric - bezos (2023, 3MDI) PROMO PICTURE"Picture Credit: Don Afric

alt="Don Afric - bezos (2023, 3MDI) PROMO PICTURE"
Picture Credit: Don Afric

Don Afric – bezos
Release Date: January 23, 2023
Label: 3MDI
Format: Single | Digital
Duration: 04:17
Genre: Hip Hop / Rap
Origin: London, England

Don Afric, a gifted rappeur of Moroccan origin, unleashed his new album “yellow pages” upon the unsuspecting world audience. And there is no way to prepare one for the scale of creative genius flow of Mr. Afric.

Don emphasises a lot on his ability to speak not one, not two, but five languages. Guess it adds extra prestige and weight in the current rap scene where bilingual tracks are exploding (remember Bad Bunny’s tour de force a few years ago?). Anyways, he mostly raps in English, but female vocalists that are featured on almost every song of the album sometimes perform in other languages. So what’s so unexpected as mentioned before?

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First of all, it’s all about Don the man himself. He has that strong accent that goes perfectly with classic rap staples about clothes, girls, and riches. Lyrics are reminiscent of Weird Al Yankovic at times. And of Drake at the same time.

Ain’t gonna lie, ‚bezos‘ kinda caught me off guard. The flow is so chaotic and peculiar it’s hard to confuse Don’s style with any other rapper, but damn it’s tough to follow. The musical production is also specific. It’s equal parts sophisticated hip-hop beats and electronic powerpop/house, but in “nensak” the mix explodes in one hell of oversaturated balagan extravaganza. At the same time recitative in Arabic sounds way more organic. And all of this certainly does the trick!

Don Afric is a textbook example of an entrepreneur turned entertainer and his primary target is to take over the scene that favours success and ambition. In that case, he has all he needs.

Text by Dmitriy Churilov

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