TheWave – Now, what is it all about?

Guest Feature by Dmitriy Churilov Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to TheWave – Now, what is it all about? April 13, 2023 Independent Album | Digital 36:13 | 9 tracks Alternative Rock / Grunge Switzerland 2023 marks the era of AI-generated music and mass-marketed hip-hop reign. The idea of music being a […]

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alt="Community Service - Mr. Tree (feat. Úyanga Bold) (2023, unsigned) COVER"

Sonic Storytelling from Mongolia and Kansas

Guest Feature by Dmitriy Churilov Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to May 05, 2023 Independent Single | Digital 03:04 Post Pop / Ambient Pop Kansas City, KS, USA Community Service is a Kansas-based sound producer, a self-proclaimed “sonic storyteller”. And 2023 marks the year when they are getting on a new level […]

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Frank Zozky and Kurkox ensure Movement

Happy Easter, Chag Pesach Sameach, or Happy Weekend! Want to advertise on MangoWave? Send an e-mail to Frank Zozky feat. Kurkox – Do It March 24, 2023 Independent Single | Digital 02:11 Dance Rock New York City, NY, USA NY-based emerging artist Frank Zozky has delivered a simple yet infectious dance-rock track that is […]

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alt="The Unlimited Stars - Secret Gold (2023, unsigned) COVER"

The Unlimited Stars – Secret Gold

The Unlimited Stars – Secret GoldRelease Date: February 23, 2023Label: IndependentFormat: Album | DigitalDuration: 35:17 | 8 tracksGenre: Shoegaze / Psychedelic PopOrigin: Austin, TX, USA The Unlimited Stars is a standout act in the shoegaze scene, combining elements of Low and Slowdive with pop sensibility and a female vocal dynamic of Mazzy Starr. The result […]

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alt="JLPMuzz - Saving Posterity (2023, unsigned) COVER"

JLPMuzz – Saving Posterity

JLPMuzz – Saving PosterityRelease Date: January 21, 2023Label: IndependentFormat: Album | DigitalDuration: 44:14 | 12 tracksGenre: EDMOrigin: Australia Australia is a well-known cradle of talented artists, and it’s difficult to keep track of all of their goodies. We are here today to shine some light on a homegrown producer/artist JLPMuzz who blessed us with a […]

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alt="Teraton - Hullabaloo (2022, Teraton Perspective) COVER"

Teraton – Hullabaloo

Teraton – HullabalooRelease Date: August 19, 2022Label: Teraton PerspectiveFormat: Single | DigitalDuration: 05:20Genre: Industrial Rock / Noise RockOrigin: Los Angeles, CA, USA Teraton is a self-released industrial artist, relatively new and fresh in the scene – yet showing proper potential and charge. Working in the field of alternative rock-driven industrial, ‚Hullabaloo‘ is a prime example […]

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alt="Kawlme Nnamdi - Drift (2018, Media Share Solutions) COVER"

Kawlme Nnamdi – Drift

Kawlme Nnamdi – DriftRelease Date: August 22, 2018Label: Media Share SolutionsFormat: Single | DigitalDuration: 01:58Genre: Rap / Hip HopOrigin: Maryland, USA Kawlme Nnamdi sounds pretty much like a name for an avant-garde jazz musician, but today this is not the case. In god’s time, Kawlme Nnamdi presents his latest single ‚Drift‘ – and it’s electronic […]

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alt="Brownsuede - See you again (2023, unsigned) COVER"

Brownsuede – See you again

Brownsuede – See you againRelease Date: January 27, 2023Label: IndependentFormat: Single | DigitalDuration: 04:27Genre: R’n’B Brownsuede is a dynamic blend of newschool R&B and soul with pretty much everything else. The group’s attorneys-turned-musicians Lud Creary (guitar) and Doc Martin (lead vocals) prove once again that music is king and overtakes one’s soul no matter where […]

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alt="Cultural Frequency - Heard the News Today? (2023, Exemption Productions) COVER"

Cultural Frequency – Heard the News Today?

Cultural Frequency – Heard the News Today?Release Date: January 23, 2023Label: Exemption ProductionsFormat: Album | DigitalDuration: 29:18 | 9 tracksGenre: Alternative Rock / GrungeOrigin: Tulum, Mexico Cultural Frequency is the most Seattle thing you could find today – and so is their debut album “Heard the news today?”. 30 minutes packed to the brim with […]

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