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DAAY – Top Heavy

June 16, 2023Independent
Single | Digital04:39
Indie Rock / Psychedelic RockLondon, England


The day this post is going live (June 30, 2023), London’s Art Rock band DAAY have released a new EP called Cosmic Gossip. Although only 15 minutes long and containing four tracks, this release is defined by an immense variety in multiple ways. First of all, Cosmic Gossip is a musical reference to Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey. Secondly, the four-track EP comes without any interruptions and can therefore easily be listened in one session. Nevertheless, each of the four chapters has its own theme – content-wise and musically. Therefore, each the four tracks makes sense, both as a part of the whole narrative, and self-contained. This text is about the second track Top Heavy, the most psychedelic and most dynamic part of Cosmic Gossip simultaneously.

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There is no Shame in Falling Down…

… true shame is not to stand up again.

Tadatoshi Fujimaki

And even if you would try to stay on the ground or to simply give up, this song would not allow you to do so. An energetic rhythm that jumps between Ska-offbeats and demanding jazzy beats activates the listeners‘ bodies in no time. This moving rhythm is topped by a trancy and psychedelic theme which resolutely marches forward while vocals and brass section intensify the movement. And just like its lyrical and metaphoric meaning, the music in Top Heavy is crammed with motivation an encouragement.
7/10 Mangoes


Music and lyrics by Alex Barty-King
Vocals and guitar by Alex Barty-King
Lead guitar by Nicholas Wemyss
Synths by Melody Wayfare
Bass by Ned Roberts
Drums by Rhys Maslen
Sax by Kerry Williams
Trumpet by Josh Curtis
Produced by Low Totem
Mixed by Alex Macarthur
Mastered by SJM Mastering Green Door Studios
All pictures by courtesy of DAAY

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