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Lazywall – غدي نوض

May 26, 2023The Alien Farm
Single | Digital03:06
Stoner Rock / Alternative RockCasablanca, Morocco

Transcontinental Visions

The trio Lazywall consists of the brothers Monz, Youssef and Nao who formed the band when they were studying abroad in England. Since then, they have combined instruments and musical elements from their North African and Arabic origin with several styles of Rock music. Being inspired by many different American and British artists, Lazywall forge a sound that reaches from nuances of Heavy and Prog Metal to a solid core made from Alternative and Stoner Rock. Their ocean-crossing sound made them become the first Rock band to perform on TV in Morocco.

Lazywall rock band, photographed in and in ront of Kasbah's in Southern Morocco
Photo by Alan Keohane

Time for Change

Recently, two caesuras occured. One of them was the time of lockdowns and constraints. The other one was the insight that after five albums, Lazywall do not want to sing in English any more. As a synthesis of these two facts, here is the latest single by Lazywall, a song about rising from ruin, sung in Moroccon Arabic: here is غدي نوض (Ghadin Nod / I will rise).

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The Flight of the Phoenix

غدي نوض is built on a massive sonorous bass line that stoically leads into the song. Constantly, the three brothers increase tension and thrill as the songs forward towards the first anthemic chorus. Like a loud echo, the second verse intensifies the incline between bass-lead passages and ginormous guitar riffs. And then, after an atmospheric bridge, Lazywall invite us to the grand finale. The recipe for غدي نوض may appear simple, but Lazywall perform this Alternative Stoner banger with such dynamic movement, every moment of this song is super catchy. So, let us embrace the phoenix‘ grace, and let us rise together.
7/10 Mangoes

All pictures by courtesy of Lazywall
Band photos taken by Alan Keohane

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