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HeIsTheArtist – Mi Amor (Dream Pop Remix)

Remix Single | 14/02/2024 | Signed Love The Artist
2:05 | Digital
Soul / Dream Pop
New York, NY, USA

Empathy and Love

On July 28, 2023, the EP Dreaming in Emerald City was released. As you can tell by the title, HeIsTheArtist paid hommage to the universe where the stories of The Wizard of Oz are set. The artist from New York draws a twofold line between this narrative and The West Side by the power of two unbreakable lines: music and love. It is an empathetic and heart-warming EP that addresses those who seek for a better life especially.

One of the EP’s heartpieces is the song Mi Amor, a heartful Soul piece. On Valentine’s Day of 2024, the Wicked Deluxe Edition of the EP has been released; a bigger, longer, and more loveful version that contains bonus tracks and remixes. The song Mi Amor has received a Dream Pop remix that adds extra atmosphere, dedication, and passion to it. This modern twist gives the emotional dimension of Mi Amor an even stronger emphasis. You may as well adore the City Pop Remix that is also featured on the Wicked Deluxe Edition.

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