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Áron Porteleki – Cryptic Bodies

Single | 05/02/2024 | blindblindblind
4:29 | Digital
Noise Rock / Experimental Rock
Budapest, Hungary

From the upcoming album Smearing (23/03/2024 | blindblindblind)

This tune was originally intended to become a dance piece. Apparently, viola player and drummer Áron Porteleki drifted apart a bit. The result is an extravagant soundscape far away from any genre.

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DCxPC Live Vol. 26: Except You & Trash World

Split Album | 04/03/2024 | DCxPC Live
22:47 | 11 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Thrash Punk / Hardcore Punk
Fort Myers, FL, USA / Orlando, FL, USA

In the 26th edition of their amazing series, DCxPC Live provide their listeners with another live show recorded at Uncle Lou’s LMGA in Orlando, Florida. The two bands featured here, bring some of the best Hardcore and Trash Punk. Except You from Fort Myers and Orlando’s Trash World shake the Earth, and make Proud Boys and their entourage tremble.
7/10 Mangoes

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Humulus – Flowers of Death

Album | 01/09/2023 | Kozmik Artifactz / Taxi Driver Records
43:19 | 7 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Psychedelic Stoner Rock
Brescia, Italy

Their fourth album is also the first one with new vocalist Thomas Mascheroni. It is therefore a re-boot, a new beginning for the band, and they have managed very well. Flowers of Death is a fantastic exploration of hidden spheres.
7/10 Mangoes

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Detlef Keller – Spaintronic

Album | 14/10/2023 | Manikin Records
115:48 | 9 tracks | 2CD/Digital
Berliner Schule / Electronica
Duisburg, Germany

This stunning trip to Europe’s South West contains traces of Prog Rock and Flamenco. But dominantly, Detlef Keller provides the atmospheric Manikin sound. Sometimes dizzy, always sunny, and absolutely relaxing.
6/10 Mangoes

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Love Music – Support Sea Rescue

Donate to Sea Punks and Help to Save Lives

Cholo Visceral – Quimera Huaycotrópica

Album | 09/07/2023 | Independent
39:30 | 6 tracks | Digital
Neo Psychedelia / Progressive Rock
Lima, Peru

After a seven-year hiatus, Lima’s Cholo Visceral have risen from the ashes. Their album Quimare Huaycotrópica features six tracks dedicated to mysticism and fantastic images. Cholo Visceral present a highly versatile and psychedelic soundscape here.
7/10 Mangoes

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Kapa Tult – Es schmeckt nicht

Album | 23/06/2023 | Ladies & Ladys
32:51 | 13 tracks | Vinyl/Digital
Indie Pop
Leipzig, Germany

Thirteen short tales about life, survival, mental health, and love in post-modern society. Kapa Tult go back and forth between Punk Rock, Dream Pop, Jazz and Pop. This may be one of the greatest under-rated albums from 2023.
9/10 Mangoes

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Grandiosa Muerte – Egregor

Album | 27/01/2023 | Independent
31:21 | 8 tracks | Digital
Blackened Death Metal
Heredia, Costa Rica

Costa Rican one-person army has hereby created a thunderstorm of an album. With the velocity of a meteorite, Egregor hits the ground and opens a deep abyss to the underworld. Cosmic powers and infernal collide on this dissonant feast of Black and Death Metal.
8/10 Mangoes

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Gitti Bach – Staub.Still.Halt

EP | 12/10/2023 | Filmriss Records
5:08 | 3 tracks | Digital
Dark Punk / Doom Punk
Dortmund, Germany / Berlin, Germany

Despite it only being five minutes in duration, Gitti Bach’s three-track EP Staub.Still.Halt leaves a severe imprint. Its darkness and raw power shake the listeners into a gloomy trance. Melancholy born from Doom Metal and Hardcore Punk.
6/10 Mangoes

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We will dance again

Mia Schem

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