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The Qwarks – Nice while it lasted

alt="The Qwarks - Nice while it lasted (2022, unsigned) COVER"
Picture Credit: The Qwarks

04:26 | Single | 09/12/2022
Digital | Independent
New Indie | Prog Rock
Brighton, England

The year 2022 was amazing for New Indie fans, and this is not Leicester’s 9 o’clock nasty or I am the Unicorn Head who are either from Saint Austell or from outter space. In East Sussex‘ Brighton, The Qwarks nonchalantly produced Single after Single and hit after hit. The trio that fortunately did not get cancelled has found its very unique niche somehwere between Prog Rock, Brit Pop, Mersey Beat, and Psychedelic Rock. Shortly before they summed up the calendar year by releasing their bandcamp-only album „Let’s go, let’s grow!„, the longplayer’s final track ‚Nice while it lasted‘ came out as a single.

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There are numerous different opinions on how to open an album: intro yes or no, start slow, jump in medias res, introduce the main theme or wait with it until the second track, and so on, and so forth. The final track is a completely different story. Is it a good idea having some kind of wrap-up, a return of the main theme(s), or should one rather implement sort of a look-out to the future? The Qwarks have found their own way by sending their listeners to the desert, having them galopp over a 5/4 beat and soberly looking back, saying it was ‚Nice while it lasted‘. Proggy, psychedelic, and beautifully weird, The Qwarks end their album with the perfect track.
8/10 Mangoes

Saves the Witch – She dances with Knives

alt="Saves the Witch - She dances with Knives (2022, Ocean Box Studios) COVER"
Picture Credit: Saves the Witch

03:45 | Single | 03/11/2022
Digital | Ocean Box Studios
Post Metal / Prog Metal
Southport, NC, USA

Founded at the beginning of the COVID pandemic by songwriter Eric Maynes, Saves the Witch has since then released two full-length albums. After the debut „Elements of Alchemy“ (June 2021) and the sophomore longplayer „Sounds from a burning Forest“ (January 2022), Maynes has not become a bit tired of producing meditative and yet heavy sounds that combine Post Metal, Prog, Blues and Ambient. The Southport, North Carolina-based artist has begun working on his third Saves the Witch album and has therefore dug in the biographies of his ancestors. Having both, Native American and Irish heritage, Maynes inherited a rich cultural legacy which has mad its way into his latest instrumental.

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The first pretaste to Saves the Witch’s new album commences with a tribal rhythm and a catchy lick. As the melody fades away after the percussions stopped, a fuzzy and intensely heavy Post Metal riff shoots in like a hail of cannon balls. This theme has a certain Industrial vibe to it, but as it appears for the second time, it evolves into a powerful Prog and Post Metal hymn. As the guitar solo finds its climax and the brachial theme vanishes again, the tribal beat is back, and one will press ‚Reset‘ and ask whether it was there all the time or if it stopped for the metallic passages.
7/10 Mangoes

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